[THAIdrama] ‘Hormones The Series 2’’ ep 1&2 ~first impression/opinion~

I finally got to watch the first two episodes of the second season. The first season already entered my top favorite Asian dramas, and of course the second season doesn’t seem to stay behind.

The producer and the writer continue the story of the characters from the first season by giving us much more insight on teen problems as the story of “Hormones” develops by each passing episode.

The first episodes deals with what it seems to be the ‘criticism’ the series received by putting everything on the table while at the same time using an imaginary popular tv series “Ruk Krum Krim” to show maybe the problems the staff had to face while making “Hormones”, like for example teens having sex after watching the show being one of the criticism and so on. Honestly, my main reason for liking “Hormones” is for the blunt way they portray problems of teens, and it doesn’t happen only in Thailand, but everywhere around the World, teens do have these problems. Another reason on why I like this series, as I already said in my review post for the first season, is because viewers can learn from it, not the bad things but in exchange how to deal with those “bad things”. Let’s face it, teenage time is hard and confusing for everyone, and this show does portray it in a realistically manner; it also give parents methods on how to help their children cross this period in their life or how to deal with their confused teens.

Although the first episode shows the concerned parents in regards of how a tv show may affect in a negative way their children, the producers seem to give a reply through the “parental meeting” from this episode as seen in the conversation the parents have; and the reason why I think that this episode was like a reply towards all the criticism is because during the ‘parental meeting’, the parents of the characters received a cold showers when another parent told the rest something like “it doesn’t matter how a tv show can affect your child, what’s important is how well you know your child outside of your house’s walls.”

As for the main characters, I’m enjoying how things are turning to be since it seems that everyone is given a second chance. However, I wonder if Phu loves Thee but he is afraid to be tagged as ‘gay’. I mean he always uses stuff like “I just want things to go back to normal’ (and even in season one he asked his mother if he is a monster – for liking another guy). I like Phu and Toei as a couple (probably my favorite) but sometimes I do wonder about whom does Phu love in the end and if he isn’t using Toei to run away from his own feelings.

Honestly, I find Phu selfish regarding both Toei and Thee, but more towards Thee’s side. Phu was the one who initiated their whole relationship in the first season and when he had second thoughts about himself being in a relationship with Thee, Phu started thinking about Toei, and how he misses the time when they were together. As a result, he ended up hurting Thee, but I’m not blaming Phu, after all he is confused and doesn’t understand his own actions. Still, I do find him selfish when he asked Thee to continue their friendship because he doesn’t want to lose him. He didn’t really understand that what Thee needed was time apart to put a hold of his feelings, yet Phu selfishly wanted to stay as friends. Time apart from each other would’ve been better for both of them to understand what they really want, considering that Thee felt cast aside and staying as friends just gave him more hope to go back together.

Anyhow, I like the new guy for Thee. He has a really bright personality and Thee always laughs when he is with Non, and maybe his is what Thee needs right now, a person who can make him laugh.

Tar is also given a second chance, with another girl of course. His one sided love towards Toei was (rather) heartbreaking in season one, so I’m happy the writer gives him a reason to forget Toei – although I liked the two together as well.

Now, I’m patiently waiting for the 3rd episode.

PS: thanks Kuda for picking this season for translating!

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