[Kdrama] ‘Fated To Love You’ ep 7&8 ~ impression/opinion~

Everything is becoming kind of confusing for both Gun and Mi Young more than that, the story is somehow rushed and I do understand that the Taiwanese version had more air time/more episodes but in the Korean version the development is fast forwarded. Other than that, for now “Fated to love you” is my second favorite currently airing Korean drama.

I still don’t understand why Mi Young is suddenly asking Gun what she is to him, I mean it’s a little too much considering that the two got married after their own mistake and not because they were in love. There was no need for her to put that question when it was clear from the start that they didn’t get married because of feelings of love.
“After the baby will be born, I won’t mean anything to you? – what’s the point of this anyway?

I was starting to like her for a few seconds then she pulls the “I’m going to leave the house” move. I don’t understand what was she expecting? She knew from the start the reason why they were getting married, moreover it’s not like Gun can miraculously have feelings for her when he is still in love with the ballerina girl.
On the other hand Mi Young is confused with Gun, one second he is nice towards her the next second he just vents his anger on her.

As for Gun, who does he actually love at the moment? Did he tell Se Ra the truth because he felt sorry for Mi Young or because he felt that he betrayed Se Ra? To be honest, to me it doesn’t seem like he was between those two reasons, it’s one of them, and I’m leaning more towards him telling the truth because he betrayed Se Ra. The reason of why I think like this is because he can’t possible put someone new over the person he loved for 6 years. Gun is definitely showing that he has growing feelings for Mi Young but can those fresh feelings beat something of 6 year in an instant?

I really want to put the blame on Se Ra, but she wanted to pursue her dream so I can’t fully put the blame on her even if I want to.

But what I really didn’t like about episode 8 was the peoples’ comments. Why does the woman have to be put on a wall? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a feminist and I’m not playing the “woman isn’t at fault” card, but why she was the only one blamed? If the man wouldn’t use his “mini me” then the whole situation won’t exist, but people don’t think about that, they directly blame the woman….Well, but at least Gun proved to be a reliable husband and jumped into the mess to help his wife.

As a side note: has anyone noticed the amount of orange color used for their clothes, in every episode at least one character is dressed in orange or if they aren’t dressed in orange then some kind of object around them or on them is orange. I suspect someone from the production staff to be a Shinhwa Changjo.


  1. Mi Young was disappointed at Geon because she thought he was selling the factory. She asks what she means to her for various reasons but one of them is because he respected her enough not to destroy her hometown. That is the reason she left the house. I think part of the reason you feel their blooming romance is rushed is because you don’t feel the chemistry some of us do. For me, not only do they have reasons to like each other as written in the script but the actors sell that attraction. We feel it. Therefore we don’t question if Mi Young seems to expect something from Geon even at a subconcious level. The same way that we don’t question his attraction for Mi Young. After all his 6 year romance seemed to be mostly long distance, platonic and too idealized. Whereas he has lived good and bad moments with Mi Young, not only in his head but in reality. Well, in the reality of the drama.

    1. I do feel the chemistry, more than in the beginning, but I subconsciously compare it to the original OTL – need to stop doing that but it can’t be helped.

      With Mi Young he does seem to be another kind of ‘love’ because tbh with Se Ra it seems more like a friendship than a love relationship.

      Thanks for the comment, glad to see other opinions on the relationship ^o^

      1. I know. It bugs me how Geon and Se Ra never say hi with a kiss. Instead she gives him a headlock! Well, only in kdrama!

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