[Kdrama] ‘Fated To Love You’ ep 3&6 ~ impression/review/opinion~

Watching these episodes made me like this drama more than in the beginning, although the writer is changing some stuff from the original story. But I can’t say the same when it comes to the characters, especially Mi Young. However, in this version the main guy, Lee Gun is a lot nicer compared to the main guy in the Taiwanese version. The other guy didn’t actually regret his harsh words towards his wife; on the other hand Gun does have some trace of regret after venting his anger on Mi Young.

As for what I didn’t like about Mi Young, was the fact that when she made up her mind to abort, she never thought about the baby but in fact about Gun and how her “mistake” will affect his life. The only part when she was thinking about the baby was when she said that she doesn’t want her child to have a life without blessing, so she decides to not give a life at all to the baby, be it “blessed” or not? I do understand her concern about how it may affect Gun but Mi Young needs to think on how it will affect or not her own life and her unborn baby’s future. I do get that she never puts herself first before others, so that’s why she only mentions affecting Gun, but at this point she should think more seriously about the baby and not only about the fact that Gun has a girlfriend and stuff like that.

I still fail to see how she is a mature and strong woman as other say, Mi Young needs to realize that her own doubts are affection now the life of an unborn baby; she needs to see more than those around her. Yes, Mi Young wants her child to have both a father and mother, but then again she thought only that if she is to have the baby, Gun will be affected in the future.

However she is a strong woman when it comes to a certain pint, aborting isn’t an easy decision, yet I didn’t like is the way she come to the conclusion that abortion is the best solution ….. for Gun.

It seems that in this version of “Fated to love you”, Gun is more mature than in the Taiwanese version. He doesn’t blame Mi Young moreover he tries to make her understand that both of them are at fault for the situation.

The talk about aborting was in episode 3 and 4, as the story progresses, from episode 5 Mi Young is starting to changes as she thinks about the baby’s good being and she feels protective over her unborn when Gun gives her the contract as she refuses to give him the baby after giving birth.

Compared to my first opinion on this Mi Young, now I do think she has the space to develop into something more than an insecure woman. Maybe her baby will give her the power of becoming certain on her own abilities.


  1. I think her evolution is one of the main points of the drama. I think she was thinking of the baby also, when she decided to get the abortion. She didn’t want the baby to seen or treated as a burden.

    1. I know that, but I still didn’t like the way she tho about it, just because the baby may not have a ‘blessed life’ doesn’t mean to not give the unborn a chance to live.

      For now Mi Young just needs to get a little more confident in her own power, and in episode 6 (I think it was) she showed some kind of confidence when she said something about taking care of the baby all alone.

      Overall, I’m glad that the writer is giving her a chance to develop.

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