[Kdrama] ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ ep 1&2 ~first impression/opinion~

A drama with Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin sprinkled with Sung Dong Il and Lee Gwang Soo – Do I need to say anything else? Considering that the drama has such an amazing cast moreover a production staff behind everything with awesome past project, it’s almost a shame for his show to have any flaws.

I liked the first two episodes. The lines are definitely more on the mature side and according to Korean netizens hard to watch with your family, but it isn’t like that. Of course the conversations are more straight forward in comparison with other dramas that have aired on public broadcast, but it isn’t to the point of becoming embarrassing if you watch it with your parents.

I like that they use psychiatric and psychology within the plot, because as I said it many times, even dramas can be a way of educating the viewers, especially in a country as Korea. However, they do exaggerate stuff, but then again, it’s a drama, so exaggerating is a must.

So far I have no complains about the acting, I mean how could I? just that D.O.’s acting is starting to be overrated. He barely appeared in 45 second altogether and people are already calling his acting good, let’s just wait and see what he can do in the future episodes, because to be honest those 45 seconds didn’t convince me acting wise. As for the others, everything is fine so far and I don’t think it will disappoint me later on since I’ve already seen the actors in many other projects where they did a great job.

What I didn’t like so far, was the first episode. Everything was kind of messy, the plot was all over the place, but it picked up in the second episode. Other than that there isn’t anything more to say about “It’s okay, that’s love”; I hope it will stay on the rom-com range and won’t go get overly dramatic.


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