[Kdrama] ‘Marriage Not Dating’ ep 3&6 ~ impression/review/opinion~

“Marriage not dating” is still my favorite currently airing Korean drama. The development so far is okay, not to fast but not too slow, it has the right amount so we can process the actual details of the story. But as I watch more episodes, I’m slowly hating Yeo Reum; I mean people it’s happening, I’m hating the second male lead, mostly because I’m liking the main lead more at this point of the story.

Currently, I have no idea what to actually think of Yeo Reum. He was paid by Se Ah to find out from Jang Mi if she and Ki Tae are in a real relationship; even so Yeo Reum refused to get the money from Se Ah in the end. Regardless I can’t seem to like him, maybe it’s because Ki Tae and Jang Mi complete each other so her with Yeo Reum, from my point of view don’t seem to be able to go further in terms of chemistry.

I also changed my opinion on Se Ah in these episodes. I liked Se Ah until it was revealed why she and Ki Tae broke up 3 years ago. Honestly if she really loves him she should’ve respect his wishes, and more importantly she should respect the things precious to him. But Se Ah just stepped on the thing Ki Tae likes the most which gives him the feeling of protection: his house. I also understand now why he keeps saying that Se Ah and his mother are the same, both don’t respect his most precious thing to him, the thing that the two never give or gave Ki Tae, again that is the feeling of being protected. Because of their actions, he always felt vulnerable, since the two just ignored him as a person as they didn’t think about his feelings while forgetting Ki Tae the boyfriend respectively Ki Tae the son.

As for our 3rd couple, I like them, somehow the two are cute together. All along I was thinking Hyun Hee will turn into some evil character who will make things hard for Jang Mi since the girl always seem to be jealous of what Jang Mi has.

On the other hand she has the right to choose for herself what she thinks is best for her; It’s true Jang Mi wishes the best for her friend when she told Hoon Dong to stop contacting Hyun Hee, still she shouldn’t have meddled in Hyun Hee’s life. At least she should give Hyun Hee the chance to try and change Hoon Dong, then again Jang Mi was genuinely worried about him wounding her friend, thus Jang Mi continuous butting was understandable

Anyway, as I already said it, “Marriage not dating” is the drama I’m enjoying the most right now, and for now I’m okay with how things are turning be it Se Ah turning into a more evil-ish character or Hyun Hee into a likable person or the development of the story as a whole. Also I wanted to say that I’m actually impressed with Sun Hwa’s acting; I wasn’t expecting to see her giving life to a conclusive character, hopefully she will keep herself on the good track with her acting.


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