[Kdrama] ‘Trot Lovers’ ep 9&10 ~ impression/review/opinion~

I’m becoming disappointed in this drama as my excitement over the characters is kind of fading away. Everything is starting to rush up, especially the story and the characters initial “profile” changes so quickly.

It’s weird how everything is becoming so serious, when an episode behind the current one, everyone was laughing and the story wasn’t so heavy, however now everything turned into everyone being sad and heartbroken.

What I don’t understand the most is Chun Hee’s change of heart, one day she is supposedly liking Geun Woo, I mean this is how the story was going as she was becoming more girly around him, the writer was giving clear hints that she likes him, but then everything changes suddenly as Chun Hee rejects Geun Woo and realizes that she loves Joon Hyun after he leaves the house. Come on, one day he leaves the house and she realizes her love for him all of a sudden while putting the table for dinner – give me a break! But what does the writer do when the main couple is officially a couple? O course make one of them get into an accident and hit his head… I’m afraid the writer will make him lose his memories, but that was the trend in 2004-2007, this writer is behind with the trends in Kdrama land.

As for Geun Woo, we certainly don’t see the same witty personality as in the beginning, when he won the viewers; currently he is a heartbroken man drinking at a bar after the girl he loves is with another guy….

Oh yeah, almost forgot, Soo In is kind of crazy lately. I don’t know why, but I’m under the impression that the writer is trying to get compassion from the viewers over her while bringing back how she struggled 8 years to become a singer. Yeah, she struggled while using her mother’s strings or what? She struggled while pushing the button that almost killed Joon Hyun? Is the writer really going to take So In towards this path? She is becoming more pathetic than in the beginning. Also, I’m starting to question Lee Se Young’s acting; I’ve seen her in other projects, but in “Trot Lovers” her acting is hesitating and rocky, she seems to be lacking in this time, and its rather disappointing because it is probably the first time a “child actress” has an insecure acting.


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