[THAIdrama] ‘Hormones the Series’ ~ review/opinion ~

For some time, a friend of mine on tumblr kept bugging me to watch this Thai series, and for me it was a little hard to digest especially since I know almost nothing about Thai language or culture, therefore I delayed watching it for a while. But on Friday, after finishing watching all the current airing dramas I follow, I had nothing to do, thus I decided to try “Hormones the series”. Now after finishing it, all I can say is: oh boy, this sure was a great watch.

“Hormones the series” is a Thai TV show that follows a group of high school students who face all kind of problems. To be honest, the problems within this show are most definitely a worldwide thing and don’t apply only to Thai society, and that’s probably what attracted the current popularity of this drama (going to call it a drama).

The first episode made it a little hard for me to get into the whole story and its characters, but that’s mostly because of my lack of knowledge regarding Thai culture and language. This may be the case of others as well, however don’t turn back and continue to watch, because for me, after episode 3, I was already sold to the story. As the story develops and I found more and more about the characters, I started enjoying every minute of it and looking back now, I can’t say there was something I disliked about this series, but if there was something I disliked it was a thing of a few moments and again it was mostly because of my lack of knowledge.

There are various characters within “Hormones the series” and apparently one character represents a type of hormones. My favorite characters are Toei and Tar; Tar’s affection for her swoon me, and I felt it was a pity that the two didn’t end up together. But at the same time I find Toei and Phu much more compatible, although Phu was most of the time confused about his own feelings. But we will see what will happen with the 3 of them, and who will be the final couple, because Phu may turn back to Thee.

As for character development, all teens faced their problems and become more mature after each episode, however I think that the characters who grow up the most in this season were Phai and Sprite. The two are the perfect example that if you find someone with whom you can connect in everything, you can go back on the right track.

I enjoyed so much this show since it’s a great chance to showcase what young people have to face daily, and most importantly it teaches parents how to deal with the problems of their children. As shown in most episodes, the parents of the characters were always present for their children; for example when Toei was beaten up by other girls at school, or when Phu was confused over his sexual preferences which made him think that he is some kind of abnormality. Another good lesson is for the teen watchers as well, because the characters were talking about the problems with their parents, they turned for help towards the only people who could genuinely help them.

“Hormones” was a good chance to take a break from my normal drama routine and now I’m ready to follow some other Thai shows, but of course if there are/will be any English subtitle. It’s definitely an opportunity for producers and writers from other Asian countries to show that they can create a good show with a meaningful message and that not only China, Taiwan, Japan or Korea can deliver a watchable TV series.

I normally stay away from recommending something up front, since people tend to have different opinions, but this time I have to say, watch it, give it a try even though the language may be something different and even if the first episode is confusing in the end it will turn into a good ride.



    1. Thank you~ ^ ^

  1. Earthkeeper · · Reply

    Have you watched “Khu Kam (2013)”? I highly recommend it.
    The series has been English subbed and is available on youtube.

    Although the series is filmed in HD, unfortunately it is broadcasted in 4:3 in Thailand.
    But that doesn’t affect how awesome this is. You’ll fall in love. This Thai love story is well-known in Japan because it is related to the Japan-Thai relationship in WWII.

    If you haven’t watch it, please add it to your watching queue, preferably in the “extremely high” priority. You WILL thank me for it later. 😛

    1. Hello! Thank you for the recommendation, I heard good stuff about this drama so I put it on my watch list. ^ ^

      1. Earthkeeper · ·

        I suggest you download the clips from youtube to your computer first, then you can watch them at your convenience. This is because GMM has been pretty strict and some of the clips have already been blocked or deleted. Luckily the deleted clips can still be found outside youtube. So get them before they are no longer available.

      2. Earthkeeper · ·

        You may also want to watch “Ruk Jub Jai the movie” which the OTP of “Khu Kum” are the main actors. It is awesomely good. You can download it from asiatorrents.me

        The good news is: asiatorrents just recently opened its registration temporarily. If you haven’t register as a member, please do so. It is free. If you can’t register for any reason, let me know. I can “invite” you in.

  2. Melchor Leal · · Reply

    Hi, awesome review.
    Hormones was the first Thai Drama that I watched, and I loved it.
    Can you reccomend me mre dramas like this one?
    The plot was just so good 🙂

    1. I didn’t watch many Thai dramas, just a few and I didn’t find anything similar to this one. Maybe ‘Love sick the series’ – it’s still about school and teen problems but the main two characters are a gay couple. Also you could try ‘Room Alone 401-410’ it’s a really good show.

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