[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 3

I had so much fun watching the triplets on last night’s episode. Now is starting to become crystal clear what kind of personalities each one of them has, especially Man Se who is kind of a burst of emotions in this episode.

As for Il Guk, he most definitely has experience with the boys and when it comes to taking care of them; also I’m liking the fact that he shows when he gets angry or feed up if the boys don’t act properly or listen to him, Il Guk does scold them, rather than always smiling because, hey they are on TV.

On last night’s episode, Song IL Guk took the triplets outside, as he walks them, the father notices something: Dae Han had both of his shoes, Min Guk had one, and Man Se…. well Man Se was wearying only his socks.

After walking the boys in their strollers, he spots a family who was using some kind of two-cars connected for their kids. Then he asks the mother if they borrowed (rented) the cars or if it’s their own – the mother answers that it’s their own. The other family lets Il Guk walk his boys into their cars. However, when he decided to stop and return the cars to their owner, Man Se who was driving the front car, started acting up.

Later, after successfully returning the cars to its owner, In Guk meets a woman with her twins. And what do parents of multiple kids (twins, triplets and so on) do when they meet? Of course they talk about the kids’ age and how hard is raising two or three kinds at the same time.

When Song Il Guk and his boys finally arrive at the supermarket, Man Se decides that it’s the perfect time to make things hard for his father. He starts putting stuff in the basket or eats the stuff the father already put in the basket and meant for later. Meanwhile the other two boys, Min Guk and Dae Han were being cute pumpkins while sitting quiet in their strollers.

During the interview, a staff member asks if the triplets like eating meat; Il Guk sighs while replying that the boys really love eating meat.

Il Guk: “Every parent thinks the same, you always want your kids to eat what’s best, but these boys …..ohhhh”

Ultimately, when Il Guk finishes buying groceries, he makes the worst mistake: takes the boys to the toys’ section, his mistakes follows with the boys not wanting to leave that place.

Finally arrived home, the father gives the triplets bananas, but before Dae Han reaches to eat his part of the banana, Man Se already swallowed all of it. Now let’s face it, how can some small bananas satisfy the 3, therefore while Song Il Guk was preparing the food, the boys were being noisy. During dinner time, Il Guk calls his wife and as the boys were eating she starts singing the triplets favorite song “3 bears”. After dinner, the father reads them a good night story.

Morning arrives and Song Il Guk has to take the boys to the kindergarten, but remember in the beginning of the episode when the boys were barely shod? Yep, guessed right, as Il Guk was putting the socks and shoes to one of the boys, the others were taking them off – this really explains why Man Se didn’t had his shoes on in the beginning when the father took them for a walk.

Back in the interview room, Song Il Guk is visible happy that he finished the “48 hours without his wife” mission without the boys being hurt, thus the mission was a success to him. But when the staff member asks: “So from now on can you take care of the triplets all alone, without your wife?” all he could do was laugh awkwardly.



  1. Love love love the triplets! Thank you for your lovely recap! I feel exhausted just watching Song Il Guk take care of them though (especially in today’s episode at the dentist haha)

    1. Thank you ~ and thank you for reading ^ ^

  2. the kids are funny

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