[Jdrama] ‘Wakamono Tachi’ ep 2 ~ impression/review/opinion~

I thought this drama will be nothing more than a normal boring story about siblings, but in just two episodes it touched me a lot, it definitely makes one thing about their own life, or at least it made me.

This drama turned out to be one of the most heartwarming stories I’ve seen in the last couple of years. Aside from the actors who are clearly (as we all already know) great actors, the writing and cinematography of “Young People” gives life to such a meaningful message(s).

In this episode we finally get to understand why Satoru went to prison; he cheated an older woman making her think that he is one of her sons who didn’t visit her for a long time. Because Asahi and the other siblings strongly told him to apologize, although he refused at first, Satoru did understand that the actual apology doesn’t matter, but in fact the message you share with that apology and the feelings you want to convey.

In addition to Satoru’s story, the girl who supposedly slept with the youngest of the siblings tried to trick Tadashi into thinking that she is pregnant with him, but thanks to Haru’s quick understanding on the whole situation, the girl reveals that she only wanted to trick Tadashi so he will give her money.

I knew there was more to Satoru’s story than him taking 30 million yen from an older woman. Of course the fact that he did took the money and intended to cheat the woman to take that money won’t change his guilty status, because what he did was wrong and will never change.

However, what maybe Satoru didn’t notice at that time, was that he gave precious memoires to her, since her children weren’t visiting, or when they did they talked about money and nothing more. In her letter to Satoru, the woman revealed she already knew about him trying to cheat her, but she still thanked him for spending time with her and for creating such beautiful memories. I have to say, the scene where Satoru was watching the message recording from the woman was the best part of this episode as it could deliver the sincerity from both the woman and Satoru regarding the time spend together as ‘mother and son’.

This episode may seem to be focused on Satoru, but looking closer, the siblings get to understand the meaning of apologizing together; moreover they all help each other understanding the meaning of it.

In my last post, I said that Asahi meddles a little too much in his siblings life, but watching this episode, as the eldest of the siblings, and thinking that he has the responsibility to help his siblings, all of his actions are kind of understandable. Especially with Satoru, Asahi helped his brother loosen some of the burden he felt during the past years. Because without Asahi meddling into the problem, Satoru would’ve never found the 3rd page of the letter the woman wrote to him, nor the video message, thus this time Asahi did helped his brother a lot.

In spite of everything, the siblings seem to crave the times during their childhood as there are a lot of moments where words like “brings back memories” or the talk about how they used to be is brought back in the present time.

I’m looking forward to see what’s ‘behind’ the other siblings and their stories, hopefully the drama will remain as good as the first two episodes.

Credit for the pictures: FUJI TV.

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  1. Eita and boring don’t exist in the same sphere. Ever.

    1. True that!!

  2. Those are some really awesome screenshots! I am reading reviews of this drama because of the diversity of the views/opinions about it. I like a lot of what you said here since I agree with them 100% I think we’re on the sane page. I also appreciate having read thoughts that differ from mine, so it gives me a wider perspective of things! That said, I agree on Eita and boring will never be together – ever! 🙂

    1. Some pictures are taken from the official site, only a few are screenshots because before I managed to write the post, Fuji deleted the videos OTL

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