[Kdrama] ‘Trot Lovers’ ep 7&8 ~ impression/review/opinion~

I think I’m starting to get angry with this drama. Doesn’t anyone else feel like everything is starting to develop a little too fast? Both Joon Hyun and Geun Woo fell in love with Chun Hee, but when did they had the time for it. Surely, time passes faster in dramas but I still find the story going fast forward at full speed. In just 8 episodes Chun Hee become a well rounded rookie trot singer and our two men of the story fell for her…. Yet I’m still enjoying “Trot lovers’.

Although in my other post I stated that Joon Hyun is starting to become a mature man, his actions remain childish. I find his jealousy to be especially childish and annoying, I mean he isn’t Chun Hee’s boyfriend, his current status with her is just as a manager, therefore why the anger towards Geun Woo and Chun Hee?

If we were to talk about a person who didn’t had any experience in relationships we could say his actions are understandable since he doesn’t know what or why things are during in a way or in another way, however he already was in a relationship with Soo In when the drama started. What I really don’t like about this character, as of now, is the way he keeps asking her for answers, like where she was and with whom; again what right does he have? None.

As for our other main guy, I still find Geun Woo’s wittiness to be the best out of the second males of this year, however, in these later episodes, that expressive wit kind of faded away. He continues to be a honest person further more he is unusually honest in terms of expressing his feelings for Chun Hee. In a weird way, I find him fit with Chun Hee, but I wonder if it isn’t just my usual love towards second leads and wishing for him to end up with the main girl. Because, I’m going to be honest here, if Geun Woo is to end with a girl then it will be better to end up with any other girl except for Soo In. That girl is the hypocrite queen.

I don’t care if Soo Is falling in love with Geun Woo or if she feels threatened that her place is taken by Chun Hee, but her actions and personality are full of garlic and it stinks. She’s telling Chun Hee not to seduce men, when she is in fact the one who did try it with both the president and Joon Hyun.

Didn’t she used to date Joon Hyun just to use him, and didn’t she plan to seduce the President? I wanted to put the blame on her mother for her attitude, but this girl deserves a slap to reality. I don’t give a penny that she spend 8 years to get where she is now. Soo In keeps grumbling how Chun Hee doesn’t deserve her current spot and how she uses Geun Woo and Joon Hyun as a fox but woman, stop there, everyone’s having it hard in life, moreover you already spend those 8 years using your mother’s strings.

As for Chun Hee, she is on the same level since the beginning, there was no development for her so far; but who knows maybe the writer will show us something better next considering that Chun Hee established her career a little too fast or that Soo In is showing her anger openly for people to see.



  1. That was my primary problem with this drama– the racing from plot point to plot point without any real organic character growth. I know we’re supposed to be all sad at the seaparation of the OTP but I just rolled my eyes. Sympathy wasn’t earned.

    1. True that! The fast forwarding plot line is so confusing that it doesn’t even give me time to understand the characters.

      I rolled my eyes as well, mostly because I couldn’t feel their ( or more like Joon hyun’s) pain since everything was so fast.

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