[Kdrama] ‘Trot Lovers’ ep 3-6 ~ impression/review/opinion~

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner, Soo In annoys me.

I don’t understand why Soo In acting angry towards her mother when she found out that the mother used strings so she could win 1st place on the music show she did with Chun Hee. I mean it’s kind of a cheap attitude considering what she also did in the past episodes to Chun Hee and Joon Hyun.

Also, why is she getting angry/jealous over Chun Hee when she got her current spot thanks to her mother? She doesn’t like the President favoring Chun Hee, but is she any better? No. Don’t tell me it’s already jealousy because she likes Geun Woo, that’s a little too fast.

At first she wanted to seduce/make the president fall for her – although her mother pushed her but she could’ve refuse now I don’t think she has any right to act like Chun Hee is stealing her spot. Another thing, let’s say that everything else is her mother’s fault, but didn’t she also use Joon Hyun in the beginning? Even now, seeing that he could actually help Chun Hee, Soo In wanted him back. I have zero compassion for her.

On the other hand I feel sorry for her, because her mother keeps pushing everything onto her and she pretty much lived in stress thinking that she has to win something just to please her mother or hear praises from her mother. But that’s pretty much it, my slight moment of feeling compassion towards Soo In ended fast when she started acting like a brat, using the same excuse with “President help me” only so that Geun Woo won’t go to meet Chun Hee.

At least Joon Hyun matured a lot and fast on just 6 episodes if we compare how he was in the first two episodes where he thought he had rights over everything or that Chun Hee is at fault for his lost career when his mistakes made his career crumble.

As for Geun Woo, I thought he doesn’t like Chun Hee, since he was acting nice towards Soo In as well even though she played dirty with Chun Hee; but I suppose he understand Soo In, and the kind of life she had because of her mother’s wishes and strict attitude things which explains Soo In’s stance against Chun Hee. In any case, Geun Woo is starting to like Chun Hee, and I’m happy with the whole progress so far, even though they don’t match physically, in a weird but good way, he and Chun Hee have chemistry together. Other than that, I still love Geun Woo’s wit, it isn’t as strong as in the first episodes, but it’s there,

Hope “Trot lovers” will at least hit the 10% ratings because the drama is fun and it’s a good chance to get away from the other dramas defined in melo stuff and revenge.



  1. I think Soo In does like Geun Woo, because he represents unpredictability and freedom, which she’s never been able to have. He also praised her for just being herself, which obviously no one else does since she has that horrible mom. Like you, I was starting to have some sympathy for her and then she pulled all that nonsense, basically throwing a tantrum like a little kid because Chun Hee is getting the things she wants. (Including Joon Hyun, who yeah, she used and discarded!) I think it’s supposed to be a bit of a Mozart/Salieri thing- Soo In’s been working at it for years and never gets praised, and Chun Hee just waltzes in as a talented newb and everyone loves her. But if they’re planning to pair Soo In with Geun Woo in the end they need to make sure they don’t take her too far into villianhood, cause he’s pretty great.

    1. Soo In’s only fault is the mother who pushes her around, after all she did grow up in that kind of environment, thus her attitude. What I don’t like about her, is that she thinks everything should be hers and her anger over Chun Hee when Chun Hee did nothing wrong. However, it’s true, working so many years for something and then someone comes and takes it easily in a minute, she may end up thinking it’s unfair.

      I also think Soo In is starting to like Geun Woo since he makes her feel special as herself, when her mother stresses her. But her actions are still wrong, especially when she acts like a brat just to stop Geun Woo from meeting Chun Hee.

      Overall, she is a likable character, I also hope they won’t dive her too much into villain hood.

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