[Jdrama] ‘Wakamono Tachi’ ep 1 ~ recap/impression/opinion ~

I wasn’t expecting to like the story of this drama as much as I do now after watching the first episode; I mean a story about five siblings living together, how much of an interesting story can turn to be – is what I thought and to be honest, I wanted to watch the drama mainly for the cast Eita, Aoi Yu, Mitsushima Hikari and my favorite Tsumabuki Satoshi. But to my surprise, the first episode managed to lure me within the whole story.

Character introduction:

Sato Satoru (played by Eita) – the second son: there isn’t much information about him; all we know for now is that Satoru gets out of jail in the first episode.

Sato Asahi (played by Tsumabuki Satoshi) the first son: this episode is mostly about Asahi and his struggles to understand his own wished while trying to get used to the fact that his younger siblings are already adults and that he needs to stay away from his siblings’ personal life. On the other hand, Asahi also has his own personal problems after he finds out about his girlfriend, Sawabe Azusa, who pregnant with his child.

Sato Hikari (played by Mitsushima Hikari) the only daughter and the third child of the family: Hikari is a nurse and in a relationship with the doctor Shinjo Masaomi, who it seems to have helped the siblings when they were having troubles growing up.

Sato Haru (played by Emoto Tasuku) is the 4th child and the 3rd son: Haru had to re-do a collage year and is always reminded about it by his brother Asahi. Outside the house, Haru is an aspiring theater actor. Unfortunately things aren’t good for him either, as his acting troupe isn’t doing well, and his girlfriend (also an actress in his group) decides to leave the acting world as she got hired to a company.

Sato Tadashi (played by Nomura Shuhei) is the youngest member of the family: he dropped out of high school and is now currently taking lessons at a private academy. At the academy he meets a girl Nagahara Kazumi, with whom he drinks and sleeps although both are minors.

The recap:

The first episode starts on a funny note as Asahi and Haru keep talking about marriage and shotgun marriages just to have the opportunity to talk with their sister about a blind date for her. When the right chance arrives, Asahi tells Hikari about the blind date, but she asks him if it’s really okay if she marries and leaves the house because if she is to leave then no one will be there to pay the living expenses. When Asahi assures her that he will pay for everything, Haru interferes and tells Asahi that he won’t make it (to pay the living expenses) since all the money Asahi earns go to pay their debts. But Asahi gets angry and assures everyone again that he will pay for everything afterwards he starts what it seems to be is usual speech about how he had to give up school to raise his siblings, how the roads are build by him and so on – speech that the siblings seemed to know “by heart”. Hikari finally gets feed up with her older brother and tells him that she is seeing someone.

At lunch break, Asahi and his superior go to a “bento shop” to get their lunch. As they eat, the superior asks Asahi if he slept with the girl from the shop, meaning Azusa. Surprised by the question, Asahi denies it. The superior continues and says that he knows about him and Azusa dating, and goes on with his questions asking how the two got together. The conversation ends with Asahi saying that they have the same hobby.

Next we are taken forward to Asahi and Azusa’s date, thus we also find out what’s their common interest ….. wrestling. During their date, Asahi keeps singing a song, when she asks him what’s the song about, he tells her that it’s a song his father used to sing when he was younger however he doesn’t remember more than 2 verses. After their date, Azusa tells Asahi that she is pregnant and asks him what they should do with the baby. Shocked by the sudden news, he can barely say anything, thinking that his silence was his replay, Azusa leaves.

Asahi runs to Shinjo to ask for an opinion on what he should do now that his girlfriend is expecting their child. Shinjo doesn’t seem shocked and just asks him what he knows about Azusa, as a person and about her personal background. However, Asahi starts describing her, but as he talks about her smile or how she looks, Shinjo then tells him that first he has to know what kind of person he is going to marry. Shinjo’s words are much like slap since Asahi realizes that he knew nothing about Azusa.

At the academy, instead of paying attention to class, Tadashi keeps starring at girl, Kazumi. But when she notices and turns around, startled he looks away. During break time, because he was short on money and couldn’t buy a bottle of water, Kazumi offers him her water bottle. And then, the girl who is clearly more daring compared to him, invites Tadashi for a date.

In the mean time, Asahi tells Haru to follow Azusa around so he could get more information about her. After following her the whole day, Haru returns home, visible drunk and while the other siblings were also present, he tells Asahi what he found out in regards of Azusa, stuff like she works during the day at a bento shop and at night as a hostess, and he finishes with a question to his older brother that surprises to Hikari and Tadashi:

Haru: “So, what are you going to do with the baby?”

Angered with the sudden news, Asahi runs to find Azusa to check for himself if she is indeed working as a hostess. But when he arrives at the bar and sees her there, he finds it hard to enter and confront her so he backs off with the excuse that he didn’t had enough money to enter the bar.

The youngest sibling Tasashi agreed to go on a date with the girl he meet at the academy, however she takes him not on a date but at a hotel.

Meanwhile, the second son Haru finds himself in a difficult situation after his girlfriend announced to the theatre group that she wants to leave because she found a job at a company. Haru tries to tell her that after years from now, she will regret leaving acting behind. But the girl replies confident in herself that she won’t regret it, and asks Haru to wake up, because he needs to stop pushing his own dreams and ideals onto other people, as he is doing with the theatre group.

The eldest son, Satoru is released from jail. But at the gate a girl is waiting for him. It seems that the girl is Yashiro Takako, the daughter of the woman Satoru killed.

The same as her siblings, Hikari seems to have her own personal romantic problems, she is dating an older man, moreover a man who is married and has a child.

After days of hiding away from Azusa, she finally comes to Asahi’s work place to confront him and see what are his thoughts regarding her pregnancy and marriage. Without caring for Azusa’s situation, Asahi starts putting the blame on her, besides he tells her that after knowing about her working as a hostess, now he isn’t so sure if the child is his. Stunned by his attitude, Azusa hits him and then she throws an envelope while she runs away in tears. Eventually Asahi gets up after being hit by Azusa, and opens the envelop; inside it was a wrestling ticked and a paper that had written the whole song Asahi used to sing during their date (in the beginning of the episode).

Tadashi comes back home rather happily drunk but starts acting like a brat and asks for a beer. But his older siblings get angry when they found out that he was drinking alcohol outside…. considering that he is still a minor. Irritated and already feed up with everything Asahi beats Tadashi up. Afterwards Asahi tells his brothers and sister that the problem with Azusa is solved because they broke up, when the sister asks about the baby, he tells them that he doesn’t know what will happen with him, since Azusa works at a bar, he also doesn’t know if the child is indeed his. His words upset his siblings making them to turn his back on hi saying he is a horrible person for what he told Azusa. Still fired up because of the whole situation, Asahi starts putting the blame on his siblings, saying that is partially their fault of the situation he is in. He continues telling them that his dream was shattered since everything he wanted was Tadashi to enter collage, Haru to get a full job and Hikari to marry, however he felt betrayed when Tadashi dropped out of high school, Hikari refused an arranged marriage and Haru had to re-do an year in college. Thus knowing that Asahi has problems with his siblings, Azusa lied to him when she said that she is infertile, that’s why he things about the situation as being partially their fault.

Hikari who is starting to feel feed up with her older brother, tells him to not put the blame on them. In the mist of everything, the concern over Hikari’s boyfriend appears, and after searching in her phone, Asahi finds out that her boyfriend is none other than Shinjo. Peevish knowing the truth about her boyfriend, Asahi decides to go to Shinjo, but before leaving the siblings tell him that if he goes to Shinjo, then they will all cut ties with him. Without carrying about their words, Asahi goes directly to Shinjo and beats him up. In the mist of everything, a nurse informs Shinjo about a baby patient who was having problems. Shinjo and Hikari run to save the baby, and Asahi follows close by while witnessing the death of the baby.

Seeing the baby die, Asahi is visible affected but on his way home, he remembers about the ticked Azusa gave him in the evening so he decides to go to the wrestling match. At the hall where the match was taking place, after one of the fighters beat his opponent he kept shouting who wants to be his next opponent so Asahi somehow gets on stage. Although Asahi tries to hit the fighter a few times, the fighter beats him, but in the hype Asahi starts singing the same song from his date with Azusa; at the same time she also enters the hall and sees Asahi beat up on stage. Later after everything ends, Azusa cleans Asahi’s wounds. As their conversation flows, Azusa confesses her love for him, hearing her confession Asahi asks her to marry him.

Asahi: “I have a favor to ask you, will you marry me? Can you give birth to my child?”

Later, when Asahi returns home, he sees his brother who got out of jail, home.

My thoughts on the first episode:

As I already said in the beginning of the post, I didn’t think that there will be a possibility for me to actually like the drama, except for the cast since the plot seemed rather plain. But I was mistaken, the story is really good and while following the siblings we see the struggles they have to face every day.

To be honest, I was ready to hate Asahi for his attitude regarding Azusa, but at the end of the day, the news was sudden and he didn’t know how to react. On top of that, he felt that Azusa wasn’t honest with him thus his actions and words. But it doesn’t justify him putting all the blame onto her.

His attitude towards his siblings is more like he doesn’t seem to be ready to let them have their own life, and he feels like he is the one responsible for everything happening with his siblings, much like he is ashamed to disappoint their parents if the younger children fail at something in life.

Credit for the pictures: FUJI TV.

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  1. It have potential and I like the cast but I find the characters not really likable and I mean most of them except for Asahi’s gilrfriend and yeah, as much as I love Tsumabuki Satoshi, his character aggravates me to no end for his immaturity. Eita’s character seem interesting as he’s like the “outsider” of the family, having only return home from jail after so many years. I’m interested in how the dynamic of the family will shift and change upon his return.

    1. I know what you mean, I like the siblings up until a point. Leaving aside Asahi who puts the blame on others for everything he messed up, the others are also at fault for their own miseries. And yes, their immaturity is sky rocking but despise all that I’m looking forward to see how things will change in the future episodes.

      Btw, I have a feeling that Eita’s character didn’t actually commit any crime, but we’ll have to wait and see XD

  2. Just saying, Sato-nii is the second son.. while Asa-nii is the eldest 🙂

    1. Oops, you are right. Edited, thank you.

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