[Kdrama] ‘Doctor Stranger’ ep 19&20 ~ final review/impression/opinion ~

So what was the purpose of this drama? Did the writer even had any intentions to make the story ….a story?

I don’t know what to think anymore. It’s like I have no words to describe the whole drama “Doctor Stranger”. I’m speechless! I mean in a very weird way I kind of feel empty that the drama ended, but at the same time I’m between “I liked the drama versus what the heck is wrong with this writer?”. It’s like a very important piece is missing from the thing….

With this drama, for me it is like: I liked the beginning and in a strange way I liked the ending of the main characters, however the middle of the drama was a complete mess. The whole purpose of the drama was taken out by the writer, and as I said it many times, the writer knew how to end the drama, but had no idea how to get to that ending how to develop the story in a way to bring everything to the desired ending.

On the other hand, I feel like the ending was changed or at least moved in a favorable way from writer’s point of view. Because as we all know that Zhang Liang aka Shy’s father (ehem …. Shout out to the “Dad where are we going” Chinese versions…..oops sorry back to Doctor Stranger!!) just happened to be a cameo it was never indented from the start for him to appear in the drama, but in the last episode, the writer gives us the “I have a friend in China who helped with Jae Hee’s papers” (said by Jae Joon in the last episode) – I don’t know but from my point of view it just seemed that she changed her initial intention on how to end the drama on the last minute, since the story become a mess…

Still, although the writer had no idea on how the develop the story she wrote some great characters. Yet, I’m not sure if those characters are great thanks to her writing them or thanks to the actors who gave life to them. But judging by the story, I suppose we have to thank the actors for the characters.

Since I’m already at the point of speaking about the actors, I have to say, I liked everyone’s acting with the exception of Jin Se Yeon. Her acting and her expressions are as fast as a sloth moving in its sleep. Her agency needs to invest more money into training her so she could at least know how to spell out her lines without making it seem like she is a 3rd grader reciting poems at the school festival.

Other than the writer and Jin Se Yeon’s acting, I liked the other things about this drama, but me linking it is mostly thanks to the other actors and the director. Because oh boy at least the director knew what he was doing, even though the material (script) he was working with was a waste of trees… Another thing I love in this drama, is the OST, especially Bobby Kim’s “Stranger” – this song is perfection!

Also thanks to “Doctor Stranger” Lee Jong Suk had the chance to show how much he evolved as an actor. I saw him in School 2013, and knew he become better and more accustomed to the cameras, but in this drama, his acting just sky rocked.

To sum up my whole post, I don’t regret watching “Doctor Stranger” looking back I did enjoyed it even though the story was kind of messed up. Somehow it feels like I “re-lived” the “I summon you gold” disaster from last year, but it was an enjoyable road. Of course it could’ve been so much better, since the start was a great one, but what can we do?

Side note: from the name of the writer, I think it’s actually a guy…. Whatever!


  1. I’m glad I couldn’t watch DS after its premiere week as I got busy….but by the time I returned to dramaland, everyone was talking about how crazy mess it became…LOL 😀 and then, I couldn’t pick it up!

    1. Well, overall it wasn’t that bad, but it still left a weird taste OTL

      1. LOL…it might be crazy in a fun way I guess 😉

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