[Kdrama] ‘Marriage Not Dating’ ep 1&2 ~first impression/opinion~

YES YES YES! This is what I was waiting for!!

Dear writer, you give me 6 characters and make me like them all! How is that even possible?! I actually like all the couples in this drama, I mean like seriously everyone!! For sure in the next episodes I’ll end up throwing imaginary fists at some of them, but for now I like each one of them.

I love both Han Groo (“One warm word”) and Yeon Woo Jin (“Ojakgyo Family”) and I’m so happy they finally get the chance to play as main leads, especially in a tvN drama. But I was skeptical with the casting of Sunhwa and Jinwoon; both acted in the past but I wasn’t actually impressed with neither of them. However, Sunhwa seems better in this drama and she does match the character. Not sure what to say about Jinwoon for now, but I do enjoy his character as well.

I like that the producers and the writer are making a more natural approach on the whole young adults thing and how they handle the ‘romantic’ stuff or how they face different troubles/things. Since tvN is a cable broadcasting their dramas have more than barely touching lips kind of kiss so that’s why they have a more mature approach with the characters and more importantly they can explore a variety of subjects within the life of young people.

The combination of both romance and comedy is nicely done with the right amount so it won’t become heavy to watch. In any case the story is a little bit predictable, at least on the main couple it is, I don’t know about the others; Joo Jang Mi and Kong Ki Tae will have to marry each other and eventually fall in love. But I love these types of contract marriages in Korean dramas, it’s a subject that Korean producers and writers make the best.

As for the characters, although I don’t agree with Kong Ki Tae and Lee Hoon Dong’s attitude towards women and how they are under the impression that every woman wants them for their money and status, along the way it will be fun seeing them collide with the other female characters.



  1. Yay that you enjoyed it….this is one of my current favorites 🙂 And I like all of them…especially in that opening song, they look great!

    1. It’s my favorite drama at the moment, hope it will stay like this XD

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