[Kdrama] ‘Doctor Stranger’ ep 17&18 ~impression/opinion~

Is it just me or does lately second leads in Korean dramas are kind of stealing the spot light? Or at least they are becoming much more important than the usual second characters that just have to fall in love with the main girl or guy and act nicely around them.

With “Doctor Stranger” I feel like Jae Joon is becoming a more meaningful character for the whole drama than Hoon. Hoon does have his sparkles, but on the later episodes, my full attention was on Jae Joon.

I’m so grateful to the writer for coming to her right sense to excuse the actions of some of the characters. Especially in Jae Joon and Yang Jung Han’s case, not to mention that she finally ended the competition between the doctors, which made every character in the drama forget about Hypocrite’s oath, with the exception of Hoon, who never forgot about himself as the doctor and didn’t think only about his personal good being or of those around him.

What I hope to happen in the last episodes is for Soo Hyun to make Jae Joon stop, or maybe Hoon could convince him that all his actions will only make himself turn into Soo Hyun’s father. But I’m not sure how much these two can change Jae Joon, however, I wouldn’t want to see such a great character fall down because of his desire to get revenge. Yet, I’m almost sure it won’t happen, Jae Joon may not stop, he did live more than half of his life with this desire, his whole life revolved around destroying the hospital. It won’t be easy for him to leave aside his only wish in life.

Although half of the drama I wasn’t pleased with how the writer went forward with the story, but at the end of the day it’s her own work, and I think that a writer who keeps her/his own ideas without changing according to the viewers wishes is better than one who changes the story as the viewers please. But I’m still not okay with Soo Hyun’s underdevelopment, she was strong but now she is a kitty.

Anyway, knowing that there are only 2 more episodes of this drama, kind of makes me sad seeing it end, somehow I got used to watching “Doctor Stranger” every Monday and Tuesday. Weirdly, even though I had more complains somehow I enjoyed the whole thing; maybe the well written characters or the way the actors performed made me go soft for this drama, regardless of what it was, now I can say that I actually enjoyed the whole thing…….for now at least that’s what I think, however, when I’ll watch the last two episodes, I may change my opinion. Whatever it will be, “Doctor Stranger” was a good watch.

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