[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets


I’ve been following “The Return of Superman” since it first aired, and all this time I thought Lee Hwi Jae is having a hard time looking for his twins all alone without the help of his wife for 48 hours. Last night, actor Song Il Guk made his entrance together with his triplets…. and that means, triple the trouble.


What I noticed on last night’s episode is that Song Il Guk must’ve helped his wife a lot with the boys, he seemed to know what he was doing, be it about food or when the boys were bickering each other. But first, an introduction to Song Il Guk’s 3 boys Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Sae…. Their names put together is translated as “Hooray for the Republic of Korea” (or “Long live the Republic of Korea”).


Weird, right? That’s my initial thought as well, however putting their family name or taking them separately, the names are kind of cute ( eg. Song Dae Han, Song Min Guk and Song Man Se…. although I normally heard the name Man Se on older people, it’s cute).

Even though the boys are triplets, the 3 are easily distinguishable given their completely opposite personalities. Like for example:

2 5

The first son Dae Han is a trouble maker. And because of his jumpy personality, Song Il Guk makes him stay at the table thanks to a clock. Yes, a clock, the father sets the alarm and tells Dae Han that he has to stay (without fussing around) for 30 minutes.

3 4

The second son, Min Guk is full of “aegyo” and at the same time compared to his other two brothers; he has a more quiet personality.

6 7

Lastly the third son, Man Se is the most talkative out of the three, and also given his father’s description, a “free spirit”.

Whether they have different personalities or different ways of doing things when Song Il Guk hears silence, then it means that the boys are most definitely up to something, and this was proved when Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se were whispering while doing trouble so the father won’t hear them.














I really enjoyed seeing Song Il Guk in a different situation compared to his image as an actor. The boys are sweet, sometimes they make trouble but at the end of the day it’s triple the happiness.



  1. Goodness! This is the first time seeing his boys! They are adorb! And at the precocious age!

    1. I was looking forward Song Il Guk coming to the show with them, they are so cute XD

  2. chickenisforlyfe · · Reply

    The three stroller thing was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen omg

    1. Look it’s a snake, no it’s a train…..actually it’s Song Il Guk with his triplets XD

  3. I haven’t had the chance to watch the latest episode, still waiting for chinese subs to be out but I just wanna wish Song Il Gook all the best, handling 3 kids at once is not the most comfortable and easiest job to do. Seeing that Lee Hwi Jae feels exhausted because of his twins (the twins have now become my favorite kids of the show), I can imagine how much worse will SIG feel with his 3 kids, GOODNESS! But I gotta say the name of his kids are soooo cute, it’s adorable and even when you separate it, it also make sense so they won’t be ridiculed by friends in the future, haha.

    1. His boys are so cute and a total pleasure to watch him looking for them.

      At first I thought it will be hard for him to handle all 3 of them alone without any help from his wife, but on the contrary, he did a pretty good job. I was prepared to see him exhausted, but he seemed to know what to do, and how to handle different situations. Now I wish Song IL Guk and Hwi Jae will meet up with their children in an episode, that will be so fun to watch.

      Hwi Jae’s twins are also my favorites, I think I’ll always be attached to them after seeing the two grow every week for the past year.

      As a small spolier for you, the twins already started walking, and on last night’s episode they seemed more stable on their feet.

      1. I thought the twins already started walking since a few weeks ago (the hospital scene and when they went on picnic, they can now walk instead of crawling), they’re even able to call appa, umma? What I love about the twins is that they’re like mime artist, so cute and funny with their little gestures and expressions, love that the older brother always snatch things away from poor little brother, haha, but it’s so funny.

        I never knew that such young babies have their own self will at able to recognize their parents at such a young age so I was surprised when I watch them, the show educate me a lot about young kids. I feel attached to the twins as I watch them grow up day by day. I can imagine how moved the parents are to see the twins able to walk on their two feets.

      2. They did start walking since previous episodes but on Sunday’s episode, they were stable on their feet and could do more than they normal 3 steps XD

  4. Thank you for this wonderful recap since there are no subtitles yet.

    Love this family so much!

    1. Thank you for reading and for visiting my blot ^ ^

  5. HaneeIsMyName · · Reply

    This is just too cute to ignore…

  6. the boys are so cute

  7. Been looking for which episode this is in but I can’t find it 😦 they’re just too cute!

  8. Thanks for finally writing about >[Kvariety] Song Il Guk
    and his triple trouble triplets | Four Seasons Dramas!
    <Loved it!

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