[Kdrama] ‘Endless Love’ ep 2 ~ recap/impression/opinion ~

I feel like Gwang Chul and In Ae are a little too childish and act rustles in regards of the Captain’s death. I understand they feeL wronged and at the same time guilty for his death, but the Captain’s death will be in vain if they continue to hold their current attitude. There were times when I didn’t like Gwang Hoon, because I felt like he was betraying his father, In Ae and Gwang Chul, but a little more thinking made me realize that he wanted to make his brother and girlfriend shut up for their own good.

Gwang Chul and In Ae are put under bars, however not because they were found guilty for helping those who put the fire but because they started making a scene at the police station, shouting that the Captain (Gwang Chul’s father) has nothing to do with those people and that in fact they helped them.

Gwang Hoon receives his father’s possessions (a wallet) from a smarty ass dude from the police aka the Police Chief who advices him that he should think of his future, after all he is a Scoular in Busan.

After being released from the cell, In Ae goes to the police Chief and pleads to him that the case of the Captain to be re-investigated because she is sure that it wasn’t suicide but in fact homicide, but the Chief doesn’t listen and just goes his way.

Gwang Chul goes to a guy whose name I don’t know to beg for help while revealing that he is the one who was on the ship and that his father didn’t help those who put the fire, however he thinks that someone purposely killed his father.

In Ae is shocked to see Gwang Hoon holding the funeral for the Captain and asks him to stop the ceremony. When she asks what the Chief of the police said to Gwang Hoon, the senior from the boxing club informs In Ae that the police decided to make it as a suicide case, and that they also been told to cremate the body. However In Ae is sure that someone is trying to get rid of the evidence thus the cremation so she tries to convince Gwang Hoon to open his eyes. Confident in what she is saying, In Ae tells her boyfriend that if the police choose not to believe them, then they will have to go to the media and tell everyone, but Gwang Hoon has no reply nor he stops the funeral plans.

With the help of the guy whose name I still don’t know, Gwang Chul gathers witnesses who were present when his father was taken by some strange men. But again, no one choose to believe him – actually more like they don’t want to believe him, even though they know the truth, the policemen were told to keep quiet. At the same time, the police Chief is on the phone with Park Young Tae who tries to “convince” him that the whole fire incident was just to attract international attention. After speaking with the Chief, Young Tae calls one of the policemen who are part of the investigation and tells him to make a deal with the eldest son of the Captain, meaning Gwang Hoon.

After making a scene at the police station and after the police men beat up Gwang Chul, the witnesses who were with him there so they could confess, brought him back to the funeral hall. Seeing him like that, In Ae asks what happened, and one of the witnesses-friend tells her that the police did it, because they went to confess everything, before the guy could finish his sentence, Gwang Chul speaks:

Gwang Chul: “They won’t believe me, even if I scream from the top of my lungs they won’t believe me. It was their plan to make my father the culprit.”

Then Gwang Chul sees his brother who was looking at the whole scene and goes directly to him and starts screaming and asking what does he want from him while blaming himself for killing their father. A few minutes later, Gwang Hoon is informed that the priest was involved in a car accident, and of course it couldn’t be just an accident, so he suspects that the ones who killed the Captain also targeted the priest. After the phone call, Gwang Hoon tells In Ae, Gwang Chul and the rest of their friends to stop being reckless because if they won’t stop it, then they will also be tagged as a suicide case or be involved in a car accident later on.

Gwang Hoon is being threatened that if they won’t keep quiet about the whole case, then In Ae, Gwang Chul’s well being and even his own future won’t be safe. When he returns to the funeral hall, In Ae asks if secret agents came, but he doesn’t reply back and just informs them that they will hold the funeral the next day. In Ae refuses and tells him that they shouldn’t do it, Gwang Hoon cuts her off and says that it’s his father, so she doesn’t have a right to say anything, and when his younger brother says that it’s about his father as well so he doesn’t want to have the funeral, Gwang Hoon cuts him fast as well with telling him:

Gwang Hoon: “The son, who killed father, has no right to say anything.”

After Gwang Chul rushes out, Gwang Hoon asks In Ae to go after him and make him understand the situation, but to his surprise, neighter In Ae agrees with him and tells her boyfriend that she and Gwang Chul are different than him, because they aren’t afraid to be ruined but he is.

Gwang Chul, In Ae and their gang start do make a plan, and the next day In Ae goes again to the police station where she makes a scene (again). Young Tae hears about In Ae’s fresh scene and angered calls the police Chief and tells him that he better take care of the whole situation if he wants to secure his own future.

In Ae returns home and sees that her family restaurant was upside down and her aunt was beaten. Minutes after Gwang Chul is returned in a police car and beaten up by the police. Irritated seeing Gwang Chul in that state, she starts screaming the plate number of the car that took the Captain before he died, so to shut up her mouth the police men takes her into their car and leave. Seeing that In Ae is taken by the police, Gwang Chul rushes to save her, and this is the scene from the first episode where Gwang Chul goes after the police care to take In Ae, however in the mist of chasing he falls into the ocean.

After Gwang Chul’s fall into the ocean, In Ae is taken into custody for investigation; meanwhile Gwang Hoon holds the funeral ceremony for his father. During the funeral, agents appear and take Gwang Hoon with the excuse that he is taken to the army.

While in the women’s prison (prison for underage), some girls appear in front of In Ae with food for her, but she refuses to eat. Then one of the girls tells her that every one of them has a story of being taken there because of unfavorable incidents, but she has to eat to live so she could take revenge on those who looked her there. Another girl comes and tries to get a fight with In Ae, but what the other girl doesn’t know is that In Ae is a pretty good fighter.


Luckily for the other girl, In Ae is informed that she has a visitor, it was her senior form the boxing club who came to tell her that Gwang Chul’s body hasn’t been found. Meanwhile Gwang Hoon after being beaten up in the army, is helped by Cheon Tae Woong one of his superiors.

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