[Kdrama] ‘Doctor Stranger’ episode 16 ~impression/opinion~

Really now, Soo Hyun is pissing me off. What happened with the confident Soo Hyun; what did love change her? Give me a break; the writer is turning her from a strong person into a kitty. I liked the Soo Hyun from the first 1-4 episodes when she wasn’t afraid and never felt intimidated about anyone, but now she is just a mere kitty.

I really don’t understand why the writer had to turn her into such a fussy when Soo Hyun could’ve been one of the best second leads out there. Heck, even I was on her side, wanting her to end up with Hoon, but mostly because of her personality…and also because I thought Jae Joon didn’t deserve such a girl, but now she doesn’t deserve such a man.

Can someone explain to me why is she asking for explanation? What right does she have to ask from Hoon an explanation? He never showed actions that may make her think he likes her, he even told her straight on when she confessed to him. I really don’t get this girl; she is starting to be pathetic. (I’m being rude here, but hey she is a drama character, so it’s allowed I suppose)

I’m with Hoon on this situation, and I do agreed with him when he told her “Why should’ve I told you about Jae Hee?” – she wasn’t his girlfriend to ask for explanations or think that he betrayed her in any way. Did Hoon or Jae Hee did anything to betray her; they didn’t. It’s not like Soo Hyun was in a relationship with Hoon and she sees him with another girl then she turns heartbroken. Jae Hee and Hoon were already in a relationship for years.

Moreover, he was an idiot for lying to Jae Hee when she asked if he meet (found) Soo Hyun., I mean why did he do that, when Jae Hee was also telling him to go after Soo Hyun to apologize to her, but Hoon was the one who kept saying that they did nothing wrong so they don’t have to do it, but now he is lying to Jae Hee…?

I honestly want to know what was in the writer’s head to turn a great character like Soo Hyun into such a fussy and why is the story turning so messy. I’m still keeping my stance with the writer, she know how to end the story but got no freaking idea how to go there, thus the messy story and vague development of the characters. Well, at least Jae Hee is becoming pleasant to watch.

Too bad, because the characters could’ve been much more than this, after all the actors are all doing such a great job, unfortunately they meet an arid writer.

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  1. I don’t have anything to add really. The whole things a mess right now. I agree, the characters are underdeveloped. I’m not a fan Jae Hee even still though.

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