[Kdrama] ‘Doctor Stranger’ episode 15 ~impression/opinion~

I’m so angry with the writer of this drama to the point of wanting to run away from any future drama she/he will write. Seriously this writer puts down every surgeon – all I’ve seen in this episode are doctors who barely care about their patients and that’s thanks to the competition. Now everything it centered on that damn competition.

I mean come on!!! The patient is on the surgery table –opened up waiting for a heart transplant but the doctors are too busy with they love relationships. Are you kidding me writer?


Even the story of Jae Joon isn’t as plausible as in the beginning, he forgot about the taking revenge over his father’s death. I feel like all his actions are spelled out by his jealous because Soo Hyun likes Hoon.

And oh boy, don’t make me start with Soo Hyun. I swear she is the most stupid female character in the whole Korean drama land. She made a patient wake up after the guy got a new heart just to make the wife of the patient see that he is okay so Hoon won’t have to leave the hospital. Is she even a doctor? From a medical point of view, the guy wasn’t ready for that, even Hoon told her, but nope she is too busy crying out about how much she likes Hoon thus she almost kills the patient. Great!

At this point I feel like, the only okay and rational characters out of this dramas are Hoon, Jae Hee and that nurse. Yes, now I consider Jae Hee as a good character. Why one may ask…. because she is sane and rational!!

One thing I do agree with Jae Joon, and that is when they were in the meeting and he told Hoon that he is at fault for not getting an approval from the patient’s family to perform the surgery. For this, I do agree with Jae Joon, but on the other hand, he wasn’t saying this while thinking of the good of the patient but rather because he wanted to win the competition and now we go again to the way the writer build the story in a way to put down surgeons.

Of course, the writer may not intended to do that, however making them speak their love stuff and letting the patient lie there, with his chest wide open isn’t kind of…. ethical. I understand that it’s a drama, and the time form a drama can’t be compared with real life time, but it makes me so angry to watch these scenes, mostly because I feel like the writer is just messing around with the story.

It also makes me angry that the writer pretty much ignores Hypocrite’s oath when she/he makes the characters go yanka yanka over that damn competition. They are playing with people’s life for a mere competition.


  1. Ya. It’s pretty disgusting. Yet, I’m still watching..

  2. It was a stupid move on Dr. Oh’s part, but I still like her. She has been acting irrationally though

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