[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 7 ~ recap/impression/opinion ~


Not sure if while I watch I understand or I’m getting more confused. In every episode they give new information and they actually clarity some things, however, I feel like I don’t understand. At least we got the Shingai story done – well, partially. But at least we know what’s his idea, still what’s the deal with the PSB….and wasn’t Higashi the negative character?

Kuraki and the others continue their investigation at the crime scene where Shingai Hiromi was being held captive by Higashi’s people and the 3 of them get to the conclusion that Hiromi regained his memories therefore the corps at the scene.

Hiromi goes to a public gym from where he steals clothes and an umbrella, and in the mean time Higashi’s people were following him on CCTV, however at some point they couldn’t locate him on any camera.

Later, after leaving from the crime scene, Kuraki and Osugi meet up to talk about the information they gathered until now. Meanwhile Miki seems to have another nightmare. On another day she receives an anonymous envelop with some files; after receiving the envelope she goes to meet up with Kuraki. When they meet, Miki tells him that she dreams of Daruma (google the legend of Daruma) and asks him if he believe in its legend and Kuraki answers that he indeed believes that the legend it true. After confessing to Kuraki about her nightmares she hands him the envelop she received.

After receiving the envelope with files from the Glarke alpha investigation, Kuraki goes straight to his superior Muroi and asks him to give information about the case and if the case has anything to do with the Daruma because there was a possibility that Chihiro and their daughter may have seen the Daurma in their dreams. Muroi tells Kuraki that he can’t speak about the details of the case however what he can say is that the people who worked within the case have become sick or even died. Then Kuraki asks if everyone who worked on the case saw the Daruma, but Muroi tells him that not everyone, because even normal people could see the Daruma in their dreams. Afterwards Muroi takes Kuraki to visit Rin, a girl held on a hospital bed – Rin is Muroi’s daughter, she was involved in a car accident.

While speaking of the day of Rin’s accident, Muroi advices Kuraki to see the bright future ahead of him and stop being the way he currently is, because that’s what his wife and daughter would’ve wished as well. But Kuraki tells his superior that he doesn’t know how he will live after knowing everything he found out recently and also that he won’t be able to live (normally) until he doesn’t find out what happened with Chihiro and their daughter.

Shingai Hiromi goes to return the photo album Nakajima borrowed from his former middles school. After returning it, the man who was in the office tells Hiromi “It’s been a while”. Confused, Hiromi asks the man if he remembers him, but it seems he thought Hirmoi was Kazuhiko. The conversation continues with the man who remembers the day the siblings came to their school and how one day they found the school rabbits stabbed in the neck – he also says towards Harumi (still thinking that he is Kazuhiko) – he recalls that he apologized about the rabbits(meaning that Kazuhiko took the blame of killing the rabbits), but at the same time the man tells that he always thought that  Kazuhiko was covering for his “sister” (Hiromi) – (which is true since in Hiromi’s memories he was the one who stabbed the rabbits back then). Without noticing Hiromi starts crying.

Still at school, Hiromi remembers about a time when Kazuhiko told Hiromi that shrikes kill because the killing instinct is within them.

While trying to dine, Osugi sees Tsuki at the same location…..by “coincidence” – as they talk Tsuki asks Osugi if he won’t want to lend his power to take out the evil from the PSB. Then Osugi goes to resign from his current position and tells his superior that the PSB is hiding information about the bombing incident. To relieve himself, Osugi finally tells his superior that in exchange for his current position Tsuki offered him another in the Special Investigation Unit therefore from now on he will investigate people like him (the superior) who try to hide things. Before leaving, Tsuki and Miki come to pick Osugi and the 3 drive the car across the street – a few seconds after the former superior of Osugi comes out, takes his car and rushes off and the 3 follow quickly.

Meanwhile Hiromi who was following Higashi around finally meets up with Kuraki (more like Kuraki just sat at the same table). The two exchange what they knew already – mostly because Hiromi didn’t wanted Kazuhiko to remain responsible for everything, but when Higashi was leaving Hiromi wanted to go and kill him, however Kuraki doesn’t let him do so. After Higashi left the restaurant, Hiromi tells Kuraki about the chip that Anthena Security wants and while he has that chip the people from that agency will always come for him.

At the same time, Tsuki, Miki and Osugi continue to follow Osugi’s superior. During their chasing, Osugi asks Tsuki what will he do with Higashi and why he didn’t caught him until now, but Tsuki’s answer shocks Osugi – Higashi is a former PSB agent.

Continuing their conversation, Hiromi shows Kuraki the back of some photos and tells him to choose one because among those photos it’s a one of the mysterious woman. But before choosing one, Hiromi asks Kuraki if he has any other family except for his dead wife, Kuraki replays that he also lost his daughter, making Hiromi think that since now he has nothing to lose he will do anything.

Kuraki asks Hiromi the same thing, and he answers that his mother died while giving birth to him and that he is the one who killed his father. After that Hiromi finally shows Kuraki the picture of the mysterious woman who put the bomb in Kakei’s bag on the day of the explosion, to Kuraki’s shock it was a picture of his wife.

Note: the first screen caps are kind of fuzzy because people hotlinked my screen caps. Please stop hotlinking.

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