[Kdrama] ‘High School King’ ep 1&2 ~first impression/opinion~

After hearing (actually more like reading than hearing) good stuff about this drama, I also watched the first two episodes. For now, what I can mostly say is that I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes as both were on the comical side even though nothing much happened – since this is just a way to introduce the characters.

For a change the second lead character, Yoo Jin Woo (played by Lee Soo Hyuk) isn’t so fully into our main girl, but he will surely regret later on not accepting her heart when she confessed to him.

Our main girl, Jung Soo Young (played by Lee Ha Na) is an office lady, but a rather messy and purposely dressed in granny clothes by the stylist of this drama (damn I really want to burn those clothes). Soo Young is currently in a one sided love with Yoo Jin Woo. After reading in a book about the pheromones emitted by someone when that person likes another, she started misreading every action of Jin Woo as being signals for her, but it wasn’t the case. On the spur of the moment, during a office dinner meeting, Soo Young followed Jin Woo to the bathroom where she confessed to him, however to her surprise he barely knew who she was.

Lee Min Seok (played by Seo In Guk) is a high school student who because of his older brother, has to enter the company where the older brother was hired and put on an act.

Those two episodes were fun and so it was easy for me to remain on track with the story, because there are some dramas where I tend to get bored even from the first episodes, but since “High School King” has a rather fresh plot – although the acting as someone else/taking someone else’s place until that person returns story has been used a lot of times in Kdrama land, this drama still has its own freshness.

I don’t know what more to say about this drama, for now at least, however what I can say is that the story is promising and I can’t wait for the next episode.

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