[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 6 ~ recap/impression/opinion ~

I don’t recommend to anyone to watch this episode during the day. Other than that, this episode was by far the best, not to mention that we finally get to understand more since we got to know more about Shingai and his past, also we got to know what happened on the day of the explosion.

Nakajima and Shingai are still being captive by Nakagawa and his people. Both visible weaken after being tortured by Nakagawa, Shingai apologizes to Nakajima for getting her involved. After a view moments, Nakagawa and his gang appears and continue to torture the two held captive, however, after the continuous shocks, Nakajima seems to have fainted and a doctor (who was part of the gang) tells Nakagawa that he overdid it. After moving Nakajima from the electroshock chair, Nakagawa goes behind Shingai and tells him that she died because he got her involved.

We are taken back to the past, as Shingai’s (the one being held captive) memories of Shingai Kazuhiko and Shingai Hiromi during their childhood, when Hiromi was stabbing a doll. However back to the present day, Tsuki who called his newly made team for a meeting, informs them that they went on a wrong track because all this time they thought that the one who returned and lost his memories was Kazuhiko (a boy) since they knew Hiromi was a girl, however Tsuki tells them that Hiromi and Kazuhiko are both boys, just that Hirmoi is a cross-dresser, and he is the one who returned. (Note: thus the one being captive is in fact the younger brother Hiromi, who they all thought was a girl – Shingai’s little sister who they were looking for in the past episodes).

During biology class, Hiromi stabs a frog (as how the mozu – shrikes normally do) – after class the teacher calls both Hiromi and Kazuhiko to ask why he did such a thing, the reply was short:

Hiromi: “Because I enjoyed it” (stabbing)

Then the teacher asks why would their father give Hiromi a girl’s name and why would he dress him as a girl, to this question Kazuhiko answers the teacher that their father gave his younger brother a girl’s name and dresses him as a girl, because before they were born, their older sister who was also named Hiromi died, thus the father choose one of the twins as the lost Hiromi and it they were to ask the father to change his name to a boy’s name, then the father may chase Hiromi out the house. During the twins’ childhood, Hiromi’s desire to kill was growing day by day, and so he killed their father. Weirdly is that Kazuhiko was always watching and after Hiromi was killing he was the one who covered up everything.

During their high school days, because Hiromi couldn’t control himself, Kazuhiko decided to take request from crime organizations so his younger brother could satisfy his desire, however what the people from the organizations knew was that Kazuhiko was the one doing the killing so he could protect Hiromi’s identity.

In the present time, Miki tells Kuraki and Osugi about the bombing incident day when she was following Kakei to the café (from the first episode) – however she tells them that the woman who was at the table with Kakei wasn’t Hiromi but another woman, and that Hiromi followed him into the café but sat at a different table. After Miki’s part, we are taken back to the same day but from Hiromi’s point of view – apparently he followed Kakei into the café because he wanted to kill him – later thinking that it was a good opportunity to do so when Kakei went to the toilet, Hiromi followed, but didn’t have the chance. When he returned from the toiled, Hiromi saw the woman from Kakei’s table putting something in Kakei’s bag, afterwards Hiromi decides to follow the woman as she was leaving.

Miki says that when the mysterious woman entered a building, Hiromi waited outside for 10 minutes, and after waiting he entered as well. When asked by Kuraki if in the mean time other people got out of the building, she said that various people did but none seemed to be the mysterious woman (however what the viewer sees is that Kuraki’s wife also got out of the building so the mysterious woman may be her, but since Miki didn’t knew she was Kuraki’s wife or the woman from the café she just said that various people got out). As Hiromi followed the woman into the building, when he arrived in a room he found the clothes and the wig of the woman so he rushed back to the café hoping that Kakei may still be there. When he arrived at the café, Kakei was rushing out (looking for the woman I suppose).

Kakei is seen rushing somewhere, and Hiromi follows him close by, and so does Miki without the other two knowing. Arrived at the place where the bombing incident happened (before the explosion) Kakei is seen by Hiromi rushing towards two women and a homeless man who was speaking to them and then is when the explosion happened. (One of the women was Kuraki’s wife, Chihiro). After the explosion Hiromi searched for Kakei’s body so he could take the chip from him (the one that Nakagawa wants now from him so thus he keeps Shingai – Hiromi – captive) – as Hiromi searched for Kakei’s body, the girl who draw the “monster” is seen watching the scene of Hiromi searching through dead bodies.

Kuraki, Osugi and Miki come to the conclusion that what the girl draw was Hiromi during the explosion. After Hiromi found the chip he run away. When Hiromi went back to Kazuhiko, he saw his brother being taken by Akai and his gang (Akai is the one who Shingai – Hiromi – killed in episode 2) –  he decided to follow and see where they were taking Kazuhiko.

Hiromi’s memories takes us back to the day when Kazuhiko was pushed down of a cliff (in episode 1) and while Hiromi was trying to save his brother, the both of them fell into the water. Back to the place where Nakagawa was keeping Shingai Hiromi captive, since he successfully released his hands, Hiromi starts killing Nakagawa and his gang. Afterwards, he runs away and a few moments after the police with Tsuki and his team follow into the place where everything happened.

My thoughts on the episode:

I was seriously blown away by this whole episode – I wasn’t expecting the twins to be both boys, moreover that Shingai Kazuhiko is in fact Shingai Hiromi the younger sister who turned out to be the younger brother dressed as a girl since childhood. This surely wasn’t something to expect.

Osugi’s face in this picture is how my face looked throughout episode 6

To be honest, I was curious as who the younger sister may be and if they will find her during this season, so I looked her up on the cast list to see who will play Hiromi but on the list there is no one listed as Hiromi so I thought that maybe she will make her appearance on the second season after reading that Aoi Yu will join the cast in the next season but nope, they gave the answer in this episode.

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