[TWdrama] ‘Lovestore at the Corner’ episode 1&2 ~ first impression/opinion ~

I had a rather shallow reason for watching this drama, and that reason is Alien Huang! (anyone else grow up with 100% Entertainment?) After all, if he wasn’t in this drama then I wouldn’t even care about it.

The plot: “Lovestore at the Corner” tells the story of Du Ke Xing who lost her older sister, Du Ke Jie, in the mountains. However, she finds a bookstore whose owner looked familiar. Later she finds out that he may be her older sister’s boyfriend, Xiang Shu Lei. Du Ke Xing tries to find if Shu Lei has anything to do with Ke Jie’s disappearance, because before leaving to the mountains, Ke Jie told her family that she is going hiking however she told Shu Lei she was leaving to Hong Kong for a business trip.

The first two episodes are a good introduction and a good way of attracting the future viewers of the drama, or at least that’s what I think, after all I did started “Lovestore at the Corner” because of a shallow reason, Alien Huang.

The writing is beautiful and connects the character without making useless “destiny” meetings between them, since most of the main characters already knew each other. Thus rather than using the excuse of “we meet because it was our destiny”, the concept of the characters already knowing about one another was a relief, since it didn’t give the drama a heavy concept, although the overall story weights a lot to the characters’ life and their emotions.

As for the characters, recently I’ve developed the sense of shipping, and even thought we don’t know if in the process of looking for her sister, Ke Xing will end up having feelings for Shu Lei, but we all know that is a high possibility to happen so, I will still cheer for Ke Xing and her current boyfriend, Ze Xuan.

I actually liked a lot Shu Lei and Ke Jie as a couple because in the first episode, they showed a lot of chemistry, but as the story progresses and we find more about them, after Ke Jie disappears, we are informed that Shu Lei cheated on her with her best friend (fast, give me a bag of salt to put it in this guy’s eyes!!!) One thing I didn’t understand about Shu Lei was him saying that he doesn’t want to hurt Ke Jie, but how can he not hurt her when he went out cheating like a dog? Someone translate to me what this bastard is saying because I don’t understand…his words don’t match his actions.

Overall, except for Shu Lei, I like this drama, and looking forward to see how everything will move on and how the characters will blend with each other.

PS: “Lovestore at the Corner” has the most beautiful intro (and intro song) I’ve seen for a while.



  1. I don’t know why am I so forgiving towards Shu-Lei since I usually hate cheaters, maybe because I know that he never loved Xin-Ni and just tried to fool around, he’s still horrible but the grief and guilt when he was found out, I think it’s a start for me to forgive him. He’s very emotionally twisted inside which explains his tendency to cheat because he’s so insecure about love but it’s different when it’s about Ke-Jie… I don’t know, I’m going bipolar over him because I grew fond of the new him in the later episodes.

    1. I’m not ready to be forgiving towards him, I don’t know why but for not its just a NO from my part….. He is indeed regretting but his regret doesn’t really excuse what he did to begin with. However the fact that he was truly in love with her kind of makes me feel sorry for him after she disappeared. Also him putting up that book store may be a way for him to look for Ke Jie,

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