[TWdrama] ‘Rock‘n’Road’ episode 4-11 ~ impression/opinion ~

I’m liking this drama more and more. Apart from the beautiful writing of the dialogues, which are filled with subtle and quirky words, I totally love how each of the characters developed through every new episode.

As much as I would like the say that Wei Zhen changed, I can’t because she didn’t really change. Of course she isn’t the same goofy person from the start, however from my point of view I do think that the cheerful personality she had was more like a wall she made for herself after being pushed aside by everyone so she won’t drop, emotionally speaking. Wei Zhen made it to protect herself. After all, it’s not like she failed or got hurt only once, she was pushed to a corner more than once thus she knew how to face all those moments with a smile.

On the other hand, in these 11 episodes I’ve seen so far, Zhou Shu Yu was the one who probably changed the most. But, it can’t be entirely called a change, since he is more like in a position of finding and reminding himself of his original dreams. At the same time, Shu Yu did change his attitude towards those around. He isn’t the same “I got my horse so everyone hail to me”, now Shu Yu is more attentive to others by leaving his mighty arrogant attitude behind.

While Wei Zhen and Shu Yu are moving forward with their dreams, Jia Xin and Li Da are moving backwards, mostly because of their jealousy respectively inferiority complex. As Li Da does all kind of tricks to make Shu Yu and Wei Zhen fall down, Jia Xin although on the surface isn’t approving of his doings, she does nothing to stop him, moreover, there are times when she is clearly using words and actions that push Li Da’s love for her and the inferiority complex he has towards Shu Yu to use more and more tricks against his long time friend.

It’s disappointing seeing Li Da feel inferior towards Shu Yu. Most definitely he isn’t as talented as Shu Yu when it comes to writing music, however he has a talent when it comes to marketing. But I suppose, Li Da is currently too blinded by his jealousy on Shu Yu that he can’t see or exploit his own ability. Sometimes, I think of Li Da as being the epitome of inferiority complex, he has zero faith in his own abilities therefore uses all kind of tricks.

At the same time, Jia Xin is continuing to play the victim card whenever it’s about Shu Yu and Wei Zhen. I mean isn’t she the one who didn’t accept his marriage proposal, isn’t she the one who refused to leave BS Entertainment with him? Why is she acting like the most pitiful person on Earth when she brought everything on herself, it’s not someone else’s fault for her current situation. Also, what right does she have to ask Shu Yu to give up on Wei Zhen and her dream? None.

One thing I do like about Li Da is the fact that he is aware of Jia Xin continuous feelings for Shu Yu and so he doesn’t let himself be influenced by her every time. I like his lucidity thus not letting himself be influenced by her lustful actions towards him.

On a side note, I loved episode 10 and 11, especially episode 11. I kept smiling like an idiot throughout the episode thanks to Shu Yu’s honesty regarding Wei Zhen.


  1. I still have to catch up with this, the later episodes seem awesome. Wei-Zhen and Shu-Yu are so sweet together, I love their lovey-dovey scenes and wish they could give me more of that, Just one note, it’s Li-Da, not Da-Li, I think you must have mix up and swap the name around, haha!

    1. Omg lol true XD wrote this after watching the episodes OTL

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