[Kdrama] ‘Doctor Stranger’ episode 3&10 ~impression/opinion~

I’ve returned to drama land, or so I hope. Therefore I decided to update myself with Doctor Stranger, but what I saw was a little bit disappointing; mostly because I have no idea what kind of story the writer wants to make. I have a feeling that Park Jin-Woo (the writer) has planned an ending but got no idea whatsoever how to fill the blank spots until the end of the story. The development – if I can call it development – is confusing; the messages are kind of messy, overall Doctor Stranger is becoming frustrating to watch.

Aside from the message, I do enjoy some of the characters’ story. Like for example, I’m enjoying Soo Hyun. Although she seems pitiful, she definitely wants to overcome the “director’s daughter” title she got from those around. I’m also enjoying her scenes with both Jae Joon and Hoon.

Even if I like her with the both of our main guys, I’m hoping for Han Jae Joon to get tangled into his own game and actually fall in love with Oh Soo Hyun. I got fooled a few times, and thought he actually liked her from the beginning but now he does seem to get himself fooled by that game of him wanting to take Soo Hyun as wife just so he could get her father’s hospital. I mean, if they end up married, she doesn’t deserve someone who wants her just for the money of her father, especially since she opened herself to him, and he knows about her family and how lonely she actually is.

Soo Hyun deserves someone who will honestly love her especially since she didn’t received love from her family. She also needs someone who will take away her worries and the tension she handles in her daily life with the father who always does the power game within the family and with her brother who always wants to see her suffer. But, I don’t really blame the brother for his actions, the father is the one to blame. After all, what Sang Jin sees in Soo Hyun, is a child his father made with another woman, other than his mother, so of course he feels betrayed. There is also the fact that he lets himself be influenced by the father’s power game since he wants to be recognized by his father.

Another character which I enjoy seeing, is the North Korean guy, Cha Jin Soo. Of course there are a lot of questions about him, but I do like his parts and him as a character, although he may be on the negative side of the characters.

Regarding Jae Hee and Hoon, I’m finding the both more and more boring. The whole concept of their story it’s not only confusing but boring as well. I don’t know what exactly is missing, but their parts are like a straight line. Still, I’m not blaming it on the actors, even if I don’t like Jin Se Yeon’s acting, the writer is the one who doesn’t know how to make them develop as a story and as characters.

Hopefully by the next episodes everything will go in place and there won’t be any more confusion within the story.


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