[Kdrama] ‘Three Days ’ ~ final review/impression/opinion ~

I never intended to watch “Three Days” mostly because the whole story wasn’t appealing to me and there was no actor/actress whom I normally like, however, somehow I ended up watching this drama, from episode one to the last episode.

To be honest, there were a lot of moments when I wanted to give up watching it, especially in the first 2-4 episodes – because those episodes bore me, there was nothing that could make me like this drama, or so I thought. But I was so mistaken because after giving a second chance, I ended up watching this series until the end, luckily I ended up liking it.

Even so, I can’t say that “Three Days” is one of my favorites; it definitely has some strong points but has weak ones as well.

As I watched the first episodes, I wasn’t expecting any romance moments, but by the last episode, I somehow become more and more immersed into Han Tae Kyung and Yoon Bo Won growing love for each other. Still there weren’t many scenes with them bluntly showing romance one towards the other, however, there were scenes showing them becoming closer to each other while forming a strong team to protect the President.

While the story progressed, both characters started having feelings for each other. Although I would’ve liked if there were more parts of Tae Kyung and Bo Won as a couple, or in a more romantically way, looking back, the lack of “romanticism” was what attracted me the most, even though I wished for more between the two. Aside from the main story, where it is shown the way the secret services protect the President, it would be nice if there was a second season, focused mostly on Tae Kyung and Bo Won – I normally don’t get into couples, or shipping stuff, however, I fell for these two. There was definitely a lot of chemistry between them and it’s a shame the producers didn’t use more that chemistry – but if they did so, the focus from the main story “protecting the President” would fell into a shadow.

Still, from my point of view, until now (out of this year’s dramas) I find Tae Kyung and Bo Won the most likable couple, even if they were awkward and shy most of the time when it came to the two being together (alone), but that awkwardness was what made them more natural, after all it was the beginning, and the beginning is always awkward.

Since I watched this drama after it finished airing, I read some comments and reviews (be it on tumblr, twitter or other sites) and it kind of made me expect that Lee Dong Whi is some mighty Presidents, but I was disappointed with what I saw. Although he did think a lot of the citizens, he never actually acted according to his thoughts. All I saw throughout this drama was a dejected/discouraged/dispirited President, someone who thought that if he dies, people won’t have to suffer, but how do you expect to protect someone if you aren’t there anymore? I wanted to see him more as a determined President rather than always wearing that depressed look. He just had the good of his people in his head, but never actually acted firm to protect his people, to fight against the people from the other “fence”.

As for the negative character of this drama, I must say that Kim Do Jin is pretty much my favorite negative character. I loved the way Choi Won Young portrayed the firm, arrogant and ironic Kim Do Jin who always focused on the things he wanted. I loved the fact that he was always sure of his actions, compared to the gloomy President, he had flavor.

Although the focus should’ve been on the President, I couldn’t help but enjoy Choi Won Young’s performance; from my point of view he kind of diverted the attention towards Kim Do Jin taking Lee Dong Whi’s spotlight. I’m not sure if the writer did intend to do that from the start, but for sure Kim Do Jin was better shaped.

A thing I loved about “Three Days” was the use of the strong woman image. The drama shows two strong women as the story goes forward, unfortunately only one lasted as a strong woman, and that is Yoon Bo Won. Even though both Yoo Bo Won and Lee Cha Young were supposed to be shown as strong and intelligent women, during the second half of the drama Cha Young become more of a pain, who got confused and shadowed easily, on the other hand, Bo Won developed a lot by the end.

From a mere country policewoman, she become strong and independent but remained innocent when she was around Tae Kyung. I liked her fast thinking in different situations, showing determinations towards what she believed in or towards the things/people she looked up to.

Regarding the acting, can’t say much since most of the actors are already established within the acting “industry”, but I did saw improvement from Park Yoo Chun, he showed that he worked hard portraying Tae Kyung.

I don’t know if I should recommend “Three Days” – I mean this drama is on the thin edge of yay or nay. As a whole I did enjoy this drama, but it also had its own flaws that may turn the whole story into being seen as boring by others.

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