[Kdrama] ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’ ~ review/impression/opinion ~

I’ve finally finished “God’s Gift” and I must say oh boy that was one heck of a ride. Not to mention that I made a good choice not to watch this drama while it aired, because I would’ve gone crazy waiting for the next episode, considering that they didn’t even show previews from episode 1 to episode 16.

Lately, I tend to get bored easily with dramas, especially Korean ones, even though I like the beginning from the second half I start to lose interest, but this time it wasn’t the case, I enjoyed “God’s Gift” from the first episode until the very last. I liked every moment of it, and every character be it a character I fell in love with, one who made be burn with anger, the other who made me smile or one who made me scared. I personally was okay with the lack of romance in this one, considering that it would’ve been a rather unrealistic choice to add romance given the situation/subject of the story, although it had a bit of fantasy in it.

Saet Byul

I’ve seen a lot of comments putting the blame on Saet Byul, asking why would so many people die or get hurt because of one little girl, and if Saet Byul would’ve stayed put things wouldn’t had gotten to this point, however, people didn’t die or got hurt just to save her, those people fought against corruption and a sick society where those with power can put the blame of their wrong doings on the shoulders of the powerless ones.

Although some say Saet Byul is a spoiled kid, never listening to what the mother told her, I’ve seen just a normal 9 years girl, who had the courage to look closer at those around her and notice their human side. Of course in the beginning she seems just as a spoiled and nothing else, but we have to look at the bigger picture, Saet Byul is the sole child of a young family, even so she is a mature girl despise her frail age who always looks at the brighter side of the world even thought she went through such difficult moments in those 14 days.

Kim Soo Hyun

I liked the upfront message of the whole drama: “a mother can do anything for her child” another message slowly hidden throughout the story was “only a mother will understand a mother”. But there were a lot of moments that made me think if a only a mother will understand a mother, then how can a mother, to save her own child, put the child of another through (the same) suffering? Here I’m talking about all the mothers in the drama: Kim Soo Hyun, Joo Min Ah, Dong Chan’s mother Lee Soon Nyeo and the President’s wife Park Ji Young.

Certainly, these women showed determination into saving their children, and there were moments where each one of them did think of the good of the child they put in danger, like for example Min Ah jumping in front of the car to save Saet Byul, Soo Hyun taking a banana as a knife when she threatened the President while holding his granddaughter, Dong Chan’s mother getting worried for Saet Byul when she was sick although she kidnapped the girl or even the First Lady making sure if the Secretary will give Saet Byul back to her parents when she will have the evidence that her son killed a woman put that doesn’t excuse their first intention of making the other kid suffer for the good of her own kid. Even if they had those moments, it still doesn’t make up the fact that their action may affect the child, philological speaking.

Kim Soo Hyun was shown as a symbol of a mother who can do and go through anything for the sake of her own child. She showed the upmost power in taking any pain if that meant saving Saet Byul. However, even thought Soo Hyun was definitely showed as a ‘lion’ defending her cub, most of her actions were rushed thus putting those around her into danger. Given Lee Bo Young’s performance in this drama, and her marvelous way of transforming into Kim Soo Hyun, portraying a mother who goes through an emotional scar and fear of losing her daughter – if she doesn’t win some awards at the end of the year, then something is wrong….

Ki Dong Chan

Aside from the powerful mother, the cherry of “God’s Gift” was definitely Ki Dong Chan. In the beginning, he was showed as a rude and indifferent towards his surrounding, however little bit little, the truth gets out, making the viewer understand that he was just putting a wall between himself and others.

Honestly, even though he did a lot for Saet Byul, I didn’t like the fact that the writer turned him into more of a father figure for the girl, neither the fact that there were shown some signs of him having romantic feelings for Soo Hyun, when Han Ji Hoon is the father respectively the husband. The writer made him more involved in the whole issues more than Ji Hoon. The focus from both the writer and the viewers got onto him, completely ignoring the real father… I mean I’ve seen comments where people called Saet Byul’s father pathetic, but those comments were mostly from people blinded by the idea of Soo Hyun and Dong Chan being romantically involved together.

Han Ji Hoon

I do agree with calling him a bastard for cheating on Soo Hyun with Min Ah, for putting the blame on Min Ah saying that she was the one who came to him (real bastard for saying that even though it was his choice for letting go of the mini Ji Hoon and making Min Ah pregnant while forgetting that he has a wife –when in fact both he and Min Ah are at fault for the issue) however don’t call a father pathetic – because honestly it was annoying seeing people call him that just because they like Ki Dong Chan more.

I mean, why is Saet Byul’s father considered pathetic for wanting to save his daughter? Why is he considered pathetic for falling on his knees to save the life of his daughter? Most viewers are way into Dong Chan and forgot that the father loves his daughter as well, most people think of the mother and Dong Chan as some heroes, when the father is also struggling to save Saet Byul. His fault is that he knew who he was against form the beginning and he shouldn’t have stepped on those people’s nerves. It was known from the beginning that he was against the death penalty. Ji Hoon said at some point something like “I wondered if a mere lawyer could change anything” – but he didn’t meant anything about wanting to become famous or winning something, he was against the death penalty because he knew innocent people will die because of the President’s son – that was his fault. There is no need to call him pathetic for doing his job properly and for begging for his daughter’s life.

As the story progresses, it is shown that Ji Hoon wasn’t nowhere near being evil or anything like that, it’s just that he had a little too much confidence into changing things on his own.

There is still a thing I didn’t like about the whole drama, every time Soo Hyun was beaten, people around did nothing, like the scene from the subway, people were just watching as how the guy was kicking her when males were around and could’ve stopped him. Other than that, I don’t have anything else to say – in a negative matter.

However I do have a advice for everyone who hasn’t watched “God’s Gift” yet, watch the first 13 episodes during the day, never at night. Because I did the mistake of watching some episodes at night, and boy it was such a big big big mistake.

The thrilling side of the story, it wasn’t about finding about who the culprit is, but the fact that in every episode, someone whom I as a viewer trusted, betrayed my faith. With every new episode, a character was shown hiding something or having actions that at some point affected our main leads.

The symbolism:

I searched a little about the symbolism behind the river that was multiple times talked and shown in this drama. The woman from the café also tells Soo Hyun about staying away from water, so I searched a little bit the meaning of this.

As found out, water represents life, and rivers in general represents the cycle of life, however as Dong Chan was shown entering the water in the last episode, during the night, it may also tell the ending of life which may also be the answer of many in regards of what happened with Dong Chan in the last episode.

“Night can be used in connection to darkness and acts as a cover over the world and can be used to represent an ‘end of the road.” – cr clutchink.wordpress.com

“The twists and turns which are a part of a River’s long journey symbolize the twists and turns which we encounter during our earthly journey (…)The River, in its long Journey, is Symbolic of life in general; and of our lives in particular. There are periods when the River experiences turbulent, chaotic and disturbing Times (rapids); there are periods when It experiences twists, turns and pauses; and then there are periods when the River flows peacefully, smoothly and calmly. And finally, just as with each and every one of us, the Time comes for the River to end its long Journey.” – cr: aseekersthoughts.com

All in all I enjoyed this drama a lot, it was a great watch with defined characters, nicely directed and well rounded acting.


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