[Kdrama] ‘Angel Eyes’ episode 5&6 ~ impression/opinion ~

At first , I didn’t thought I’ll end up actually liking “Angel Eyes” and just started it because I didn’t had anything to watch while waiting for the other dramas to air, however as I’m watching more episode I’m liking this drama more and more.

First, I want to talk a little bit about Seungri’s scenes. If you look at the bigger picture, his character, Teddy, is pretty useless to the whole story, but I ended up enjoying his scenes. I like the comedy/funny scenes around and made by him, because it lifts the mood a little with his dorkiness. Still, as much as I’m enjoying his scenes, I do think that his character takes too much screen, when it has not importance to the story.

Going into the more important stuff. I’m trying to understand Dong Joo/Dylan’s attitude towards Soo Wan; to be honest, I really don’t understand his irritated attitude towards her, just because she didn’t remembered him. I mean, he seems to forgot that 12 years have passed since then, more importantly she was blind, it won’t be easy for her to remember him at first glance. Other than this, I like Dong Joo, and Lee Sang Yoon seems to become used with his character Dong Joo, he seems more natural now.

A pleased surprise in episode 5 and 6 was Goo Hye Sun. Until episode 6 I thought she wasn’t putting any effort into making her character, however seeing the scene where she confirms to herself that Dylan is indeed Park Dong Joo was beautiful, and kind of erased my worries that she is doing only a surface job when it comes to giving life to her character. I’m glad I was mistaken. On the other hand, I still think that there is no chemistry between Soo Wan and Ji Woon; they seem more like childhood friends rather than two people in a relationship and soon to get married. Also the writer seems to keep pushing Ji Woon and Dylan to become friends, maybe for the future love triangle. (?)

Anyway there is a character who I wish to punch a little bit. That character is no other than Soo Wan’s father.

That father has some nerves;all Dong Joo wants is to see Soo Wan, but the father keeps telling him to go back. I understand that he is worried about his daughter, about her finding out that she got her vision back thanks to Dong Joo’s mother, however, the way he keeps telling Dong Joo to leave is irritating. All I’ve seen so far is him doing a psychological game with Dong Joo, where he reminds him that if Soo Wan finds out, she will be deeply hurt. I understand his worries, but did he forget who in fact killed Dong Joo’s mother? His nerve of taking Dong Joo that little happiness of just watching Soo Wan from afar irritates me.

The guy has no shame!

Dong Joo and his family were the ones who got Soo Wan out of her cage when the father was too afraid to go home and confront the reality of losing his wife and at the same time having a blind daughter. Dong Joo and his mother were the ones who brought happiness and smiles back to Soo Wan, when the father was busy hiding himself from everything and everyone, when his daughter needed him the most so what right does he have to tell Dong Joo what to do, when to go back to Boston, and so on? No right whatsoever!

So far I’m still enjoying this drama, I could honestly say it’s my favorite of this season. The story is nice and has a fast pace, a lot of things happened in just 6 episode, everything evolved really fast, but strangely it was to my liking.


  1. I feel that Dylan is trying to push her away by acting all irritated and it’s mixed in with jealousy as he sees that she’s with another man. It’s definitely not because she don’t remember him because he was smiling to her when he first saw her, even when he realized that she can’t recognize him, he wanted to reconcile with her and he was very happy but it was until he found out that she’s his “dad”‘s daughter. Anyways, I’m still up till ep4 right now, will wait for more episodes to come out. So far, it’s been very lovely.

    1. He is starting to push her away when he found out who her father was but he was kind of irritated with her after finding out that she has a fiance, Ji Woon – I think it was from episode 3 of something like that (after he returned to Korea) XD

  2. Ilumys · · Reply

    I think he’s acting this way because he doesn’t want her to recognize him. There are loads of moment when he starts to be nice with her and then he stops because she might try to understand him or get close to him. That’s why I think he’s not a jerk because he’s mad at her for not recognizing him or for being with someone else. He’s acting that way because he’s scared he may affect her life by reveal himself to her.
    Well, that’s just an idea, and I don’t say I’m right. I just feel that way.

    Actually, like you, I didn’t plan to like the drama. I just wanted to see the childhood part because I was curious about the young actress perfomance. But I’m kinda hooked now. I hope it will carry on that way.

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