[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 3 ~ quick recap/impression/opinion ~

This episode didn’t give much to the story, however the producers knew how to fill the emptiness….with 20 minutes of half naked Nishijima Hidetoshi – yep, it was worth the time.

The recap:

Before entering the apartment, Shingai runs away. As he successfully entered, Kuraki starts looking around the apartment; when Miki appears he tells her that he never heard (from her) anything about Shingai having an younger sister and asks her if she will tell everything she knows. Miki agrees and tells him that she needs to bring another person as well.

Higashi tells his right hand that he finds Kuraki an eyesore thus orders to be “taken care” of.

Later Miki and Kuraki meet up with Osugi. Miki tells the two information regarding Shingai having a memory loss being real after judging from his reactions and his killing method – by stabbing on the back of the neck. She also tells them that Shingai isn’t the one who planted the bomb. Because the day of the explosion she followed Kakei who meet a mysterious woman, and Shingai was following the two as well, however when Kakei went to the toilet, his bag was too far from Shingai so there was no way that he planted the bomb. However, Kuraki and Osugi seem skeptical in regards of Miki’s information. After she leaves, Osugi asks Kuraki about his wife and if he knew anything about the investigation she was working on 5 years ago, but Kuraki tells him that they never talked about it, she never spoke and he never asked about it.

Back home, Kuraki looks at the drawing of his daughter, but when he wanted to open a drawer he couldn’t; taking away his attention from the drawer, he notices something on the back of the drawer, it’s the same drawing as the one from the police box.

Shingai gets in touch with Nakajima, the girl who helped him at the hospital in the first episode, to ask her to do some search about him since he still hasn’t gained his memory back. Narumiya tells Osugi that the bomb used can’t be found in Japan and it might be possible brought from abroad.Nakajima goes to Shingai’s former school to find more about him.

Kuraki tells his superior that the explosion may be connected to the next month visit of the President of Republic of Sardinia. The two also talk about the possibility of Sardinian terrorist coming to Japan to assassinate the Sardinian President, however because the visits will be celebrated at a large scale, if something happens to the President, it will also be a blow to Japan because it may lose the new petrol route plan

Kuraki meets with Osugi and asks him if his wife has a drawer locked whose content he doesn’t know, or if he knows the content of his wife’s drawer. Osugi replays that he doesn’t even understand his daughter moreover know about his wife’s drawer. Then Kurkai remembers about his wife having strange dreams; Osugi asks if it may have something to do with the “Gurag alfa” (I suppose it’s called like that) investigation she was doing, but Kuraki says he doesn’t know. Still, he asks himself if his daughter may have the same dreams (because he found the strange drawing on the back of another drawing of his daughter).

The right-hand-dude of Higashi follows Kuraki around, and after some time of following, he goes with his car straight into the taxi Kuraki took. When the taxi driver goes towards his car he runs away, but when the driver turns his head towards Kuraki, he was also gone.

Kuraki goes to Miki’s house and tells her that she didn’t tell the whole truth. That the one she was tailing that day was Shingai, because she might’ve knew that he was contracted by terrorists. He also tells Miki that he went to the same tea house she saw Kakei, the strange woman and Shingai. But when Kuraki showed a picture of Shingai to an employee, the employee said that she doesn’t remember him coming to the store……(bonus on this scene, a half naked Nishijima Hidetoshi)

Nakajima informs Shingai that she went to his parents’ house. Unfortunately she didn’t find much there, however she tells him that in his sister’s room she found a book with a Shrike (note: MOZU, the bird) on it, and if maybe he will see the book he may remember something.

Back to Kuraki and Miki; Kuraki asks her what she know about Shingai’s sister, but when she says she doesn’t know much, he doesn’t seem to believe her. After that he tells Miki that the other day he saw her with inspector Tsuki, and asks her what’s their relationships, but she refuses to say, implying that it’s private. Kuraki says that the two didn’t seemed like lovers, but again she implies that they may be since Tsuki is also single. Lastly Kuraki says to Miki that he is starting to be interested in Tsuki’s line of work (investigating the internal affair of police, stuff not being leaked outside to the media and so on).

Still not believing Miki, Kuraki regrets coming to her. As he is leaving, she says that she needs to call the ambulance (for him) but he still refuses. Still struggling to walk from the accident, Kuraki slides over her, and whispers: “Chihiro (his wife)….in that drawer….” but doesn’t finish his sentences and leaves.

Kuraki goes home to find out what his wife was hiding. To his surprise, his wife was hiding a letter of their daughter to Santa Clause where it was written “Santa, please give me a pair of shoes” and a pair of red shoes with the message: “Merry Christmas, from Santa-Mama”.

Pictures credit TBS | Screen shots made by Soori @ shikidrama | Please Do NOT hotlink my screencaps.


  1. kisa27 · · Reply

    omg I need answers not fillers

    1. Then…for what answers are you looking my dear?

      1. Omg replying late still no ep 4 subs. i totally forgot what answers i needed but i really like this show.

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