[Kdrama] ‘Angel Eyes’ episode 1-4 ~ first impression/opinion ~

I didn’t had “Angel Eyes” in my “drama watching” plan mainly because I don’t like Goo Hye Sun as an actress, however when I asked on twitter if this drama is worth the time, all the replays were favorable, thus I started watching it.

I have to say that from what I’ve seen so far, I’m pleased with how things evolved, however I feel that the actors who played the younger versions of our main couple, were way better. Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun gave life to their characters Park Dong Joo respectively Yoon Soo Wan in a more mature and realistic way than Goo Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon.

I was expecting Goo Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon to do a better job with the two characters, considering their rather longish career compared with the other two younger actors. On the other hand Nam Ji Hyun did a great job portraying the blind Yoon Soo Wan in a believable manner; she is a good actress who knows how to build her characters considering her somehow frail age. Kang Ha Neul also did a great job portraying the young and innocent Park Dong Joo.

Compared to the young actors, the older versions lack depth, outline and that sparkle which makes the viewer fall in love with the characters. Although Lee Sang Yoon is trying to get a hold of Park Dong Joo to understand him, in Goo Hye Sun’s case, it feels like she is doing a half hearted job. Her acting is just on the surface, there’s nothing inside, and more importantly there’s no meaning to it.

There are also the side characters, like Soo Wan’ fiancé and father. To be honest, the actors Kim Ji Suk nor the character he plays, Kang Ji Woon had no effect on me as a viewer. Kang Ji Woon is just there, but he doesn’t have an impact on the story, or at least for now. However, Soo Wan’s father, Yoon Jae Beom is the one drawing the story, after all he is the reason behind the way Soo Wan and Dong Joo’s present lives are.

Since I started talking about the father, I want to say something about his actions. First of all, when Soo Wan was blind, she was living alone, because the father was too scared to see the things that will remember of his wife, but first he should care about the ones alive, meaning his daughter. She should be the most important person in his life, but saying that he loves his daughter and think about how to bring back her vision, isn’t much of a help, when she is having a hard time, psychologically speaking….after all she lost her mother and her vision. I really didn’t understand his thinking, avoiding the house, when Soo Wan was alone and definitely in need of protection and affection.

But as the story developed in those first 4 episodes, I decided to see him from two perspectives since I wanted to understand his actions. Still, I couldn’t help myself but get angry with him. I did understand him wanting to do everything for Soo Wan so that she would grain her vision back, however, letting someone die isn’t the answer. As already said, I understand his side as a parent, hoping in his own way for Soo Wan to gain what she lost, but Yoon Jae Beom is a doctor under the Hippocratic Oath, even so he left someone die only so that his daughter could see again. Taking the life of someone, taking someone from her/his loved ones, isn’t the way to do things, especially when he is a doctor who is supposed to think about the patient before anything else.

Despise my little negative opinion on the two main (older/adult) actors, I like the story and the way it advances. Although I said what I said about them, only 4 episodes aired of “Angel Ever” so this isn’t my final verdict, there is a lot of time for them to get used with the characters, and bring them more to live.



  1. Thank you thank you for doing a first impression of this wonderful drama. I feel like Angel Eyes is getting any love from other bloggers/sites. Like you said, I too fell hard for the younger characters. They poured so much into their respective roles that I wish they could have stayed on later. I do like LSY, he’s doing his best but GHS is growing on me.

    1. Goo Hye Sun is also growing on me starting ep 5~6. Maybe I was a little too used with the younger ver of the character and couldn’t notice her contribution to it. ^ ^

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