[Jdrama] ‘Alice no Toge’ ep 2 ~quick recap/impression/opinion~

Every episode reveals new secrets however with every new secret I become more confused with the story. Another thing, anyone else thinks that every scene of Odagiri Joe seem like a CM? It’s like he’s been filming a CM all along.

Regardless, I’m still enjoying the drama.

Quick recap:

It is revealed that after Asumi father’s funeral, Nishimon Yusuke wrote an article about her father who supposedly sold medicines, however, in the present time Yusuke wants to apologize to Mizuno Asumi revealing that at that time he might have been used as a reporter by someone within the hospital. But Asumi doesn’t seem too happy with his apology and tells him that if he is sorry then he should keep his mouth shut. (Regarding the fact that she is the daughter of Dr. Takao Osanai and that she changed her name).

Since this episode is centered on Chihara, another doctor who took part during Asumi father’s surgery, it showns his attitude towards his patients. To every patient he tells them to wait a little more and see how everything will evolve, but when a man whose wife was a victim of his “let’s wait and see” comes and asks to take responsibility, Chihara tells the man if he has any complain he should have evidence as well. Asumi who witnesses the scene is reminded when Chihara told her the same thing 15 years ago.

Later Asumi finds out about Chihara’S retina problems, as she also understands why during every surgery of his, the doctor does only the incision leaving the rest to other doctors.


Bandai assigns Chihara with an important patient since he will be leaving for a business trip. Thinking that he would do the same thing as he did until then, only the incision, Chihara accepts to do the surgery of a Chariman, who also gives the hospital important monetary supplies as sponsorship. With the information she gained until now, Asumi uses this opportunity to take revenge on Chihara – she tells Ebisu to kidnap Chihara’s daughter.


Before the surgery, Chihara’s wife calls him to tell that their daughter disappeared from the park, right after the wife’s call, he receives another phone call from the kidnaper – Asumi, who distorted her voice, telling him that if he wants to see his daughter again, he has to be the one performing the whole surgery for the Chairman. Because of his poor vision, Chihara can’t do the surgery and runs away.

Yusuke finds out that Asumi kidnapped Chihara’s daughter but when he tells her that for revenge she is now resorting to kidnapping, and that what she is doing is a crime, Asumi doesn’t want to hear anything and tells him that he has no right to say anything.

Because Chihara didn’t perform the surgery, and since the hospital lost the Chariman financial support, Bandai fires him. Later, Chihara runs to find his daughter; when he finally finds her, Asumi appears and tells him that she is the daughter of Takao Osanai. Chihara tells Asumi that there was another person behind her father’s incident, Makoto Fuga the lawyer who made Asumi’s father the culprit behind the medicine selling.

After the whole story with Chihara, Yusuke tells Asumi that he also wants to reveal the truth behind the incident from 15 years ago. However she tells him to do whatever he wants and takes her leave fast.

My thoughts on episode 2

The second episode is maintaining the thrill from the first but raising more questions about what will Asumi do next.

There seem to be so many people involved in the incident from 15 years ago, because with every passing episode, another involved person appears, at this point the whole hospital will be found responsible.

But what I am most curious about is how will Asumi and Yusuke’s relationship evolve, there seem to be some things in need of a heart-to-heart conversation. There is also Bandai Yuma, the son of Dr Bandai, I’m curious if Asumi will use him in any way to take revenge of Bandai, since he already seems to slowly fall for her.

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