[TWdrama] ‘Rock‘n’Road’ ep 1-3 ~ first impression/opinion ~

I liked what I’ve seen until now, however, I’m having a déjà-vu feeling whenever I watch this drama. The story is pleasing me so far. But there are some irritating characters; still without those characters we shouldn’t have the drama….

The story isn’t something complicated; in fact the characters make it complicated.

Lin Wei Zhen is a former child star who is trying to regain her fame by participating in different contest and auditions, in the end failing every time. On the other hand Zhou Shu Yu is a popular producer who has under his wing the pop-star Yang Jia Xin. Because Jia Xin wishes to writer her own music for her next album and since Shu Yu didn’t like anything she wrote so far, along the way, the pop-star fools Lin Wei Zhen into using her father’s song – this is the quick summary of episodes 1-3.

So far, I haven’t got into the real story, but seeing just these 3 episodes, 3 of the main characters already make me angry. Surprisingly, it isn’t our main girl, Wei Zhen, actually in spite of me not really enjoying super-happy-dappy –bubbly characters, I like her because among the other characters who have a shallow personality but think of themselves as being some Godly talented people, Wei Zhen is like a breath of fresh air, conscious of her weaknesses, but the same time managing to see in a positive light every failure.

Compared to Jia Xin, who acts like some delicate diva with an inferiority complex which she isn’t aware of yet, Wei Zhen on the other hand, smiles not matter how difficult a situation is, she has the inner power to get back on her feet.

Now, when it comes to Jia Xin, this girl needs a slap back to reality. She wines so much to Shu Yu about wanting to write her own music that will be heard by others, but she ends up stealing someone else’s song to use it as her own composition. The pop diva has no idea what to do with her career, because until now Shu Yu and Da Li were the ones who paved her road to stardom. Yet, after crying about how much she wants her own music to be heard by the world, Jia Xin has no idea what to do, and she mostly has zero confidence in her own talent.

And there’s also Da Li, who is a perfect match for Jia Xin while having an inferiority complex when it comes to Shu Yu. Although, supposedly, Da Li is Shu Yu best mate, he is clearly madly in love with Jia Xin and just dances to her pitiful games. The guy is so in love with her, that every time Shu Yu doesn’t want to let Jia Xin do something that may affect her career and their company, he ends up letting her do whatever she wants, giving her hopes that she can and is allowed to do anything….as a result, all she does is create problems that need to be solved by Shu Yu. It’s also the case when she stole Wei Zhen’s father’s music; if he loves Jia Xin, then he shouldn’t have let her use the song in the first place, but he lets her just to show the pop-diva that if Shu Yu won’t let her, in exchange he will let her do everything she wants, even if it may affect the 3 of them. It’s like every time Da Li hears about Shu Yu from Jia Xin’s mouth, his blood boils to the point of evaporating.

On a side not, and leaving the characters aside, “Rock’n’Road” has such a beautiful music. I like the use of MAYDAY songs, since the lyrics of their songs match Wei Zhen’s sparking and positive personality. Moreover Jia Jia’s song “快樂快了” gives the drama a nostalgic feeling. Overall, I’m enjoying the drama.

Pictures credit: CTS / TVBS “Rock’n’Road” official facebook page


  1. Wei-Zhen bubbly act aggravates me at times but they’re mostly drown by my hate and distaste for Jia-Xin, UGH!! She’s HORRIBLE!! The story has been done before for sure but I’m constantly entertained and that’s what matters. The execution is fresh enough to make this less “deja-vu” all the time for me.

    1. Indeed, the story had been told multiple times, but Rock’n’Road definitely has it’s own flavour.

      I really don’t get Jia Xin, her inferiority complex combined with her diva attitude and sprinkled with “I’m such a pitiful but pure person” acting annoys me OTL

      1. I KNOWWWWWWWWW, it’s that pitiful act or all innocent face that makes me hate her SO much!! Nita Lei is funny in BTS though, her real life persona is like Wei-Zhen, super bubbly. But then when she’s as Jia-Xin, I just go URGH again, LOL!

      2. Then it means she is a good actress XD

        Tbh for me any actor/actress whose acting affects me to some extend while watching a drama, it means she/he has acting skills. Her character gives me the “hold me cuz I’m going to slap her” kind of feeling orz

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