[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 2 ~ quick recap/impression/opinion ~

I just finished the second episode of MOZU, and still liking this drama, even more I must say. However after being spoiled with 90 minutes of it on the first episode, it felt like this episode went by too fast. In this episode I noticed the amount of scenes where Kuraki smokes, which is kind of funny because in a recent interview I’ve seen with Nishijima Hidetoshi, he confessed that he doesn’t smoke in real life.

Quick recap:

A little girl keeps drawing in her recovery room, concerned the mother asks the doctor what it’s the meaning of it, and he answers that what the girl is drawing it may be what she witnessed during the explosion, and because he was concerned about it, he contacted the police. Next we see Osugi Ryota (Kagawa Teruyuki) who checks the spot of the explosion incident from the surveillance camera from Narumiya Keisuke (Ito Atsushi)’s police box. However, a part of the recording is missing.

Meanwhile, Kuraki takes lunch together with Miki where he ‘reveals’ that he investigated her. Kuraki asks her to tell him everything she knows about the incident and being rather forced/pressured to talk about what she knows in regards with the explosion, Miki tells Kuraki about Shingai Kazuhiko and Athena Security. Later, Kuraki goes directly to Athena Security to question Higashi Kazuo, but he doesn’t find much from him since Higashi takes his leave shortly after Kuraki’s appearance. At the same time, Osugi Ryota goes to Miki to try and find out more, but Miki keeps her mouth shut, still he thinks that she is hiding something and is determinate to find what.

Because he didn’t find much from Higashi, Kuraki (who seems to want to get on Higashi’s nerves) breaks into his car and takes the gun found there to put it into Higashi’s gym locker, lastly he calls the police. Even so, Higashi is released quickly afterwards making Kuraki more curious about his and what he may hide.

Shingai who still hasn’t got his memories back, goes to the explosion scene and while watching the wall full of messages for those who lost their lives, he asks himself if he really is the one who did it.

Kuraki goes again for lunch with Miki, where she exchanges a small amount of information with him, but when she is called to be informed that Shingai returned to his apartment, Miki doesn’t tell him about it and just goes directly to find Shingai. At the same time, Higashi’s right hand is informed about Shingai appearing to his apartment.

At his apartment, Shingai finds a (hidden) wall with pictures and information about Kakei Shunzo.

Kuraki confronts Higashi with questions about Shingai and why he wants to catch him, however Higashi acts nonchalant about the whole issue; when Kuraki asks Higashi if he is the one behind the explosion then Higashi asks Kuraki back why he is mind-set to find more about the explosion, but Kuraki says that all he is interested in is to find why his wife had to die then. Before leaving, Higashi tells Kuraki that it is better for him not to know (the truth about the explosion).

Unfortunately, Shingai doesn’t have much time to find things about himself that may help him regain his memories, because Higashi’s right hand sent some dudes to catch him. Luckily he gets to escape. After escaping from being caught, Shingai starts having some visions with what it seems to be his sister’s apartment. At his sister’s place, when he enters, Shingai is taken aback by a strong smell, which seemed to come from a frog that was stabbed and placed into a bird cage. Shortly afterwards, Miki who was pretending to be his sister’s neighbor, knocks at the door acting as if she is concerned about his sister because she didn’t see her for a while. Shingai tells her that he is looking for his sister as well, later confessing that he lost his memories. He asks her what is her relation with his sister, and she tells him that they meet from time to time at the supermarket and also that once she borrowed some money from the sister. She continued that the next day when she wanted to give the money back, his sister was missing.

But when Shinge asked her if she saw him together with his sister until then, Miki answers that she surely did 2 times, however that pulled some strings with him making him think that something was fishy, because when he opened the door she said that judging by his face she knew it was the sister’s brother, however because Miki said that she saw them together 2 times, she should’ve already knew that he was the brother; At the same time, the door of the neighbor made a sound as if someone entered the apartment, making Shinge more suspicious of her leading to ask who entered her apartment.

In the end Shinge finds out that Miki is a police worker so he tied her up and started asking questions. When asking if he indeed is the one behind the explosion, to his shock, Miki says that he isn’t the one behind it. However, they can’t continue the conversations because Kuraki appears at the door, but before he breaks it down, Shinge takes Miki and escapes.

My thoughts on episode 2

– They must have killer budged if Kuraki broke the window of that freaking expensive-looking car.

– Suzuki Sensei….ehem Higashi is H-O-T. Dayum!

Episode 2 maintains the same intensity from the first episode, while the story follows Miki, Kuraki and Shinge together or on their separate ways. There are also more information given about the issue, however we still can’t get a hold of the things behind the characters actions.

I love the camera work and the detailed work made by the production staff. For example when Kuraki went to Athena Security, at some point he raised his voice towards Higashi, and the people around took notice of them, whereas in other shows, the conversation doesn’t attract much attention from those around no matter how high they raise their voices or how intense the conversation is.

Still no complains whatsoever from my part towards the acting, because as already seen in the first episode, the actors are showing a great performance, no awkward or forced acting.

Pictures credit TBS | Screen shots made by Soori @ shikidrama | Please Do NOT hotlink my screencaps.


  1. Hathuylinh · · Reply

    I really want to watch this series being a huge fan of Nishijima and Kagawa . Do you know where i can watch it?

    1. With English subs? If you want to watch this drama with English subs, I can’t help you, since I watch it without it and I don’t know if anyone picked up MOZU for subs, however I can tell you some sites where you can watch it raw.

  2. Same here, I am looking (desperatly) for the eng subs :S

    1. Sorry I can’t help you guys with English subs, I don’t know if anyone is subbing this drama m(_ _)m however all I can do are these quick recaps and hopefully people will understand at least 50% of every episode.

      Maybe someone will pick it up ^ ^

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