[Kdrama] ‘Gap Dong’ episode 1 ~ first impression/opinion ~

This drama (kind of) freaks me out…. Mostly because it is based on a real story/case.

20 years ago Moo-Yeom’s (Yoon Sang Hyun) father was a suspect in the “Gap Dong” serial murder case. Because of the detectives’ oppressive investigation, Moo-Yeom’s father killed himself.

Now, Moo-Yeom is a detective and works to capture the killer Gap Dong. The statue of limitations has expired for the serial murder case and Moo-Yeom resigns to the belief that Gap Dong is dead. New clues though for Gap Dong appears in front of Moo-Yeom and he sets out to catch him once and for all.

-Cr asiamediawiki

One of the things that I liked about the first episodes, is the fact that they didn’t bothered much with the character introductions, because it gave a relatively small amount of time when it came to introducing them, compared to other dramas where the character introduction part is given a whole episode. It would’ve dragged the story too much if they were to do so, and going directly into the story was a good idea, since the viewers won’t get bored while waiting for the thrilling stuff to happen.

Regarding the cast, any drama having Yoon Sang Hyun and Sung Dong Il as line ups then it means that I have to watch it. However, I have to give Lee Joon kudos for having the courage to challenge himself with this kind of role, a negative role and on top of that a lunatic.

Overall I liked the first episode, it kept me on the edge of my chair. However, give the drawing that they keep show during the show and promotional stuff, I suspect someone who is around Ha Moo Yeom and Yang Chul Gon to be Gap Dong….I’m not sure if that person is, but there are some hints towards him, however I won’t say who I suspect for now.


  1. Sounds very interesting! It makes me want to check it out but the fact that this is based on a real story holds me back a bit………

    1. I know what you mean, as a girl myself the thought that it’s based on a true story makes me kind of…yeah…

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