[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 2 ~ written preview translation ~


The explosion from the center of the town at the business district injured and caused the death of many, and at the same time hurt the hearts of many. In a recuperation room, a little girl who saw before her eyes the explosion, keeps drawing a picture with crayons. Scattered around, the girl paints paints paints strange things.

The counselor tells the worried mother, that the girl confessed “I saw the monster”, thus she keeps drawing what she saw at the explosion scene.2

What on earth did the girl saw? …. Osugi Ryota (Kagawa Teruyuki) checks from the surveillance camera from Narumiya Keisuke (Ito Atsushi)’s police box, the spot of the explosion incident. However, the spot seen by the girl can’t be found on the surveillance camera. Osugi suspects that someone purposely erased the video.

Meanwhile, Kuraki invites Miki to lunch to try and find more details about the bombing incident, he talks about her father. Miki’s father, who was a public security policeman, gone missing at the time she was in high school. That was supposed to be information closed from the public. Thus to get more information from Miki about the explosion, Kuraki gets in contact with a large security company, “Anthena”s Higashi Kazuo (Hasegawa Hiroki).3

It was the employer of professional killer Shingai Kazuhiko (Ikematsu Sosuke). During the questioning, as he was leaving, Higashi tells Kuraki “For the public welfare, I don’t like the reckless investigation”. In order to corner the shrewd Higashi, Kuraki uses brute force.

Meanhwile, Shingai who still hasn’t regained his memories, goes to the apartment where ”Shingai Kazuhiko” lived after hearing from Satomura about it. At the same time, Higashi’s right hand Nakagawa Jin also hears about this.

Credit: English translation: Soori @ shikidrama.wordpress.com
If reposting give proper credits to me for the translations and do not add your own.
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Episode 1 digest and episode 2 video preview:

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