[Kdrama] ‘Beyond the Clouds’ (Full Sun) ep 10-16 ~ END review/impression/opinion ~

“Beyond the Clouds” ended, and all I can say about it, is that this drama was a beautiful ride. It’s too bad that the staff or the cast members didn’t get their “pay” for this nicely done show through bigger ratings. But considering that it aired at the same time with “Empress Ki”, a drama which already had a big fandom and loyal viewers, of course “Beyond the Clouds” couldn’t get a fatter rating number.

The plot isn’t something impressive nor new, however the characters made the story of this drama into something great. Thanks to the actors, each of the character was turned into an important key for the story’s development.

I did knew Han Ji Hye (favorite actress…ehem) and Yoon Kye Sang, but got to know/find out about other actors, who aren’t much in dramas, but more in movies, like for example Cho Jin Woong – indeed a great actor.

“Beyond the Clouds” made me love every character, and it didn’t matter, how cruel or nice that character was, because we get to see their side of the story, and in the end it showed how an action/word can affect and change someone; how love or betrayal can switch a person, much like taking that person by the collar and whisper love or shout hate towards that person.

Young Won: ” Lee Eun Soo …. every time I call your name, my heart hurts”.

The two main characters, Se Ro/ Eun Soo and Young Won, although different in so many ways, at the same time they were full of similarities. But both helped each other from crawling back to light from the corners of hate, in Se Ro’s case, and from the corner of despair, in Young Won’s case. The kisses and embraces’ exchanged between them were the most beautiful ones I’ve seen in a long time in a drama, because it was natural.

Even though, their relationship may not have been like those of normal people, meaning in a normal situation, in the end, Se Ro and Young Won showed having a normal relationship. Of course with complications, anger, sadness but healed with love and gentleness – every action between them looked gentile.

Young Won: “If you’ve been hurt by this world…. then, you who is full of scars…I loved you so much. At least, I hope you can find a little solitude in that”.

While, at first glance anyone will think of Young Won that she is a frail person, a daughter of a rich and powerful man, however, she showed her brave side, when everything seemed like burden to Se Ra and he wanted to kill himself. But it wasn’t only Young Won who supported Se Ro in his darkest moments; he also showed upmost support for the person he loved. Like for example, Se Ro was the one who made Young Won break from her shell, turning her into a brave woman. It was lovely seeing them complete each other.

As for Kang Jae and Jae In, even if at this point I don’t get their attitude towards Se Ro, I ended up liking them. Although I don’t like Jae In’s gluing personality when it comes to Se Ro or the way she always treats him like she has any rights over him, Jae In definitely showed thought-out this drama that she is a strong woman, with the ability to defend what she believes in.

On the other hand, because of his pride Kang Jae drifted himself away from Jae In and Se Ro, but he still cared about Se Ro. I was a little confused about him, if he is genuine towards Se Ro or everything was just a pretext to him. But him and Jae In still annoy me because of the mind-set that they own Se Ro, or that they have the ability or the right to tell him what and who he should choose. Still, every character of this drama was portrayed in a manner that empathizes their loneliness.

Aside from the good acting, scrip and directing, the OST is a perfect match for every scene and it could make some moments look even more special adding depth towards the dialogues. The story was delivered in a nice pace, not too fast but not too slow, but still managing to deliver the message nicely without making the viewer frustrated.

All in all, I recommend “Beyond the Clouds” (Full Sun) to anyone who wants to watch a drama that is well-grounded, that has characters with personalities filled with sturdiness.



  1. it always hurts when a show you like isn’t loved by the ratings department 😦 i didn’t watch this one, but my heart hurt for the actors and the whole production team with the never-ending drop in ratings. glad to hear that you enjoyed it, though! 🙂

    1. Well, the drama had its flaws however it was nicely played and is sad to see that the actors weren’t “thanked” for their great performance … orz

  2. Hathuylinh · · Reply

    It is disheartening for any cast and crew to have such low rating on the project they work on. I sure everyone work really heart to produce project that looks good. And it looks GORGEOUS!
    But I thought such continuous low rating do represent some truth – a lack of interest in story. I thought the story – plot was the major flaw in production. The revenge plan lack consistency, specific -> the main hero never really did much revenge. and there are numerous plot holes through out each episode. I was told the stake were high – but I never truly feels it. Except for the two main supporting character.
    For me, Kang Jae and Jae In was the only two character that shine in this series. They got a great story – plot, great-true-realistic conflict, that made me as a viewer feels for the two.

    1. Yes, the plot had many flaws. It also seems that they changed the ending…

      I think they started changing the whole revenge concept from the half of the drama. Because I remember that it was in a preview (think the preview for ep 9) when Se Ro was kneeling down to Young Won and she said something like “you are Se Ro?”. I was looking forward to that scene but it never happened, so they must’ve changed from around then.

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