[Kdrama] ‘Beyond the Clouds’ (Full Sun) ep 4-9 ~ midway impression/opinion ~

I have this tendency whenever I start a new drama, I love the beginning but I start getting bored of it near the middle-end, luckily it wasn’t the case of “Beyond the Clouds” – I still love it, even more I must say!

If in the first 3 episodes I wasn’t sure what to think about some characters, although there was information given, that information was small in comparison with the complexity of the characters. Watching until episode 9, an episode after another, I could start understanding the main, but the side characters as well. I could understand their actions, rage, sadness and flaws.

The main couple, meaning Eun Soo (Se Ro) and Young Won matured a lot in these few episodes, and their relationship developed nicely, without being too forced nor slow paced. Even if Eun Soo started out of revenge but given Young Won worm personality and yet not tainted by those around her, he changed while spending more and more time with her.

Eun Soo (Se Ro) is filled with anger and desire to get revenge but his heart got vulnerable. Even if he tried to think straight and not let himself be caught in his love for Young Won, unconsciously he lets his guard down around Young Won and starts showing his pain to her, much like unwittingly wanting to be “healed” by the women he starts to love.

Eun Soo: “Why would I be in pain? It doesn’t hurt at all”.

Yong Won: “You are lying. Then why are you crying? Eun Soo, right now, your eyes are full of tears”.

Another thing Eun Soo does without knowing it himself, he always covers up for Young Won or helps her with the stuff her step mother is trying to do behind everyone’s back. He also wanted to tell Young Won about her father being the real killer of her fiancé, however scared that she may get hurt by the news; he continues to hide the truth from her.

Young Won: “I can’t trust you, however right now I can’t be without a person like you”.

Aside from Eun Soo’s change, Young Won also change herself; thanks to him, she starts to understand that once in a while it’s okay to say “I don’t want; I’m suffering” but at the same time, she matures through Eun Soo. Despise not knowing his true intentions, Young Won finds herself always having faith in whatever he says or do.

Young Won: “I’ve realized how frail I’ve been, how weak minded I was. If you get down to it, I have you to thank for waking me up”.

I don’t understand Gang Jae and Jae In trying to act all righteous whenever it’s something about Se Ro, stuff like doing it for him is pure bullshit, after all they are also at fault for the way Se Ro ended. Jae In’s so called one-sided love for him is annoying. At first she tells him that she will do anything he will ask of her, but ends up being jealous of Se Ro’s growing love for Young Won; thus whenever he is at a stability point with Young Won, Jae In slaps Se Ro back to reality, the reality made by her and Gang Jae for him.

Gang Jae’s actions bug me. I don’t understand why Kang Jae and Jae In keep messing with Se Ro’s life, who he chooses to love isn’t their problem. I’m dumbfounded every time they act as if they are doing him a favor when they know exactly who messed Se Ro’s life, them.

Se Ro: “Rather than hating her, liking her was easier so to her, I just can’t do bad things”.

As for Jae In’s “love” for him is getting more and more pathetic. She used the money excuse to put Young Won down, but in fact Jae In wants to put her down because Se Ro loves her. Kang Jae is the same, out of jealousy, knowing that Jae In is infatuated with Se Ro, he gets it out on him. I suppose, Kang Jae forgot who in fact killed Se Ro’s father, it wasn’t Young Won’s father as how he’s lying to Se Ro and to himself, but he is the real killer. It’s his fault as well for the death of Young Won’s fiancé. Even before another “person” shot the fiancé, Kang Jae wanted to keep him hostage and later kill him, after all he saw their faced when they stole the diamonds back in Thailand.

What right does Kang Jae has over Se Ro to make him choose between him or Young Won? None! It angers me every time Kang Jae reminds Eun Soo about the day when Young Won will find out that he is the real Se Ro. Kang Jae should remind himself of the day Se Ro will find out that he is the main reason his father died.

Jae In needs to stop interfering between Young Won and Eun Soo. She warns Young Won to be careful of Eun Soo, because he is a conman. Unfortunately Young Won let’s herself be influenced by Jae In’s words and starts to doubt Eun Soo considering her current frail state.


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