[Kdrama] ‘Beyond the Clouds’ (Full Sun) ep 1-3 ~ first impression/opinion ~


There are only 3 former idols (from the first generation of idols) which now I consider real actors: Eugene, Hwang Jung Eum and Yoon Kye Sang. The 3 of them always showed good performances and most importantly, for me at least, variety in choosing their next characters.

Unfortunately, the ratings for “Full Sun/Beyond the Clouds” compared with the actual quality of the drama are low. A reason why it has these low ratings may be because it airs at the same time with “Empress Ki”, and that drama already has a strong viewership fanbase. Still I normally don’t follow the ratings when it comes to watching a drama, and to be honest, I advise everyone not to believe the ratings when it comes to Korean Drama. However, I do think it’s a shame, because the ratings it’s like the emotional “payment” from the viewers to the cast and staff members.

The story of “Beyond the Clouds” (“Full Sun”) was used a lot a few years ago, when revenge plot were really popular, I used to like those kind of dramas so maybe that’s why I also like this drama as well, and as a bonus, there is Han Ji Hye and Yoon Kye Sang.


The plot:
Jung Se Ro is a cheerful young man, who lives together with this grandmother. Believing that his father gave up being a swindler, Se Ro decides to go and visit him in Thailand. However, what he doesn’t know is that his father was preparing to steal a pair of diamonds owned by the company Bel Laffair, during an international jewelry contest. Because the father secretly put one of the diamonds into Se Ro’s bag, when he found out about it, he went to confront his father. Once Se Ro arrives at his father’s store, to his surprise, a man, who was Bel Laffair’s employee, was held captive. Still in shock, thinking that his father was the one who was keeping the man hostage, Se Ro tries to ask the man for information about the one who was keeping him there. Unfortunately, out of nowhere, the hostage, named Kong Woo Jin was shot.


Afterwards he gets caught by the Thailand police, who ‘transformed’ him into the main suspect, the young man faces another. Later, thinking that Bel Laffair owner, Han Young Won was the one who made him root in jail after the murder of Woo Jin, Se Ro swears that “Bel Laffair” and Young Won will pay for his sufferings.

As I was watching the parts from Thailand, there were a lot of questions that I had. For example, was the Korean Embassy announced? Why the heck was the Thai policeman speaking with him in Thai when it’s not like Se Ro would understand him anyway? And most importantly, why where the policemen/detectives putting their bare hand on the evidence at the crime scene?


Leaving aside those legal stuff about the story of the drama, the characters give the viewer such a pleasant performance while enjoying every bits of every scene.

My favourite character so far, despise his rash change from a nice and cheerful person into a dark and almost loosing insanity is definitely Se Ro.

Yoon Kye Sang’s character Jung Se Ro (later Lee Eun Soo) is probably the most complex character he had until now. He doesn’t have a large number of lines; however every scene made by him is worth a thousand words. And no, I’m not exaggerating, Lee Eun Soo seems simple and rude on the surface, but it’s definitely a complicated and complex person.


I must say that it’s been a long time since I saw a great (acted) scene where the male character breaks down into pieces because he had so many layers of sufferings and depression. Certainly there was a lot of work, research done and passion from Kye Sang’s side to created/give life to Se Ro/ Lee Eun Soo in the way that he did.

“People don’t trip on a big mountain, but on a small rock.”


Aside from the scenes where Se Ro/Eun Soo lives only for revenge, before that, there are also the heartbreaking moments where he met his father in Thailand. While meeting his father and believing that he stopped being a swindler, Se Ro remembers bits his childhood, where he had to blow a whistle whenever his father was stealing. Another aching moment was when the child Se Ro told his father that it will be better to go to jail just because he wants to know where to find him, rather than being in total freedom but being hard to find.


For now, I don’t know much about Se Ro and Young Won as in the two as a set (?), the two did meet 5 years before the present time, and he seemed to have liked her. But now finding out that she is Young Won, the owner of that “Bel Laffair” perhaps Se Ro is fighting with himself not to like her more and more, but that inner struggle of his will surely be shown more in the next couple of episodes. Still he was shocked when he found out who the girl he used to like is.

“Se Ro, if you try and live your life for fun it’s end up being boring.”


About Young Won, there aren’t many things said or shown when it comes to her as a character in terms of personality. Despise than being the owner of a jewelry company, the daughter of Han Tae Oh who uses her name and company to do illegal actions with “legal” documents, and the lover of Kong Woo Jin, there aren’t much details about her as a person. In these 3 episodes seen so far, she showed that the only person she found comfort and happiness was Kong Woo Jin, sadly after the shocking news about his death, Young Won has a hard time letting go of the past, and the only person she loved.

There are also other characters and I’m not too sure what to think about them. For example Park Gang Jae, he seems to think of Se Ro as a younger brother, however, there are times when his actions say otherwise.


After all Gang Jae did play an important role into Se Ro being blamed for murdering Young Won’s fiancé and for the missing diamond – Gang Jae also took part in the diamond stealing together with Se Ro’s father and Seo Jae In, he also was the one who kept Woo Jin hostage.

In addition to the great acting and well maid characters, “Beyond the clouds” gives the views a fest for their ears with a great OST and music that empathizes and outlines the sadness of the characters even more – V.O.S – Sin, Yang Pa – The sun is filled, Zitten – Whale , Lee Ji Young – Lie


Not to mention the good camera work and quality of the scenes, there is no shakiness or other similar annoyances for the viewers.

It’s a real shame that this great piece of work doesn’t get the acclamation deserved through ratings, from script, acting, music to directing/ camera work, everything was neatly made. Everything about “Beyond the Clouds” gives so much emotions and shows the struggles acted by the actors through their eyes in such an intensive way that makes the watcher relish this drama’s every moment of gloominess.


Please do watch this drama, you won’t regret it. Even after watching only 3 episodes so far, I assure you that “Beyond the clouds” (“Full Sun”) is a must watch drama.

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