[Kdrama] ‘Can we love?’ ep 9 and 10 ~ impression/opinion ~

The story is starting to focus so much on Ji Hyun’s pettiness and Sun Mi’s arrogance towards everyone around her, to the point that is way too painful for my eyes to watch, almost becoming annoying. Ji Hyun always thinks about herself, when in reality she should think about her daughter. As for Sun Mi, as much as I think of Yoon Seok as a stalker, she seriously doesn’t deserve the love and affection he has for her. Moreover, although she pushes him aside, she is still running back to him whenever she hits a rock bottom emotional state.

Although I find annoying the other two main females, Jung Wan is still pleasant as a character. I would like for her to get back together with Joon Mo, even if he seemed a little too forceful, while using their son to gain points with her. Except for using their financial situation as a excuse, the two didn’t break up for an actual reason, I mean there wasn’t shown an reason with more depth for their divorce.

On the other hand I liked that Kyung Soo didn’t interfered in the whole situation, and didn’t want to influence her decision in any way. While Kyung Soo didn’t pressured Jung Wan, he tried to change Tae Keuk’S opinion on him, thus having a fair chance as Joon Mo, who is the boy’s father. Still, it’s not easy to make a child change his mind about his mother’s boyfriend, when the father wants to get together with the mother. Especially since Tae Keuk is at a frail stage, emotionally, even if he seemed the most mature among the family members, in the end he is a child.

Even so he didn’t force his thoughts on Tae Keuk. Kyung Soo’s strategy was to make Tae Keuk understand him, but from the kid’s perspective over the whole situation and not from his own point of view.

In episode 10, Ji Hyun still thinks only about her and how the pregnancy of her daughter Se Ra will affect herself, and more importantly she is scared of her mother in law; also she seems depressed and at the same time desperate that the “perfect family” she created (in her head) is falling apart, rather than focusing on how to help Se Ra with her unborn child, and to be honest it makes her quite annoying.

She also shows her selfishness when she asks Do Young to stop meeting their daughter, Yoo Kyung. Both him and the daughter found the truth after more than 10 years, she could’ve at least let them meet in secret, so they could start knowing more about each other, after all they are daughter and father, and for both the time spent together seems to be important. I wish for once Ji Hyun would think about her daughters without fearing that her “perfect family” will be destroyed…I mean shouldn’t she put  her children first and their sensitive (current) situations. One daughter, Yoo Kyung recently found out that her father is in reality her uncle and the aunt she had was actually her mother, the other daughter is a pregnant middle schooler with attempt of become an alcoholic. Woman, wake up, your daughters need you!


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