[Kdrama] ‘Bride of the Century’ ep 1-8 ~ first impression/opinion ~

On the first glance, “Bride of the Century” doesn’t seem like a watchable drama, moreover from the teaser, I thought it was cheap. But I was so mistaken.

Of course, it doesn’t have the camera work of other dramas I mostly got used to, however, so far I’m enjoying every moment of “Bride of the century”. The first 3 episodes, didn’t get me into the actual fever of the drama, but as I watched more episodes, I fell in love with the cast, not to mention that I love these kind of stories; with contract/arranged marriages.

The drama tells the story of the largest conglomerate in Korea, whose’ owner family, is under a curse for hundreds of years; the first wife of the eldest son, dies after marriage.

Choi Kang Joo the eldest son has to go through an arranged marriage with Jang Yi Kyung, however, although she has to marry him to save her family’s company, because of Kang Joo’s cold attitude towards her, Yi Kyung runs away.

One day, Yi Kyung’s older brother meets Na Doo Rim, a cheerful girl who looks exactly like his sister. Wanting to keep it a secret from Kang Joo’s parents to find out that his younger sister run away before the actual marriage, Yi Hyun asks Doo Rim to act as his sister for a few days until he finds the real Yi Kyung.

From here onwards, Doo Rim gets herself in all kind of situations while lighting the lives of Yi Hyun and Kang Joo with her cheerful and open personality.

I noticed on another site, that some people didn’t understood why Kang Joo didn’t notice that Yi Kyung is a different person, considering that he is her fiancé. But, Kang Joo was never interested in Yi Kyung and barely gave her any attention, because he aware that she is marring him to save her family from going bankrupt so he refuses to get close, not to mention that he barely got any time just with the real YI Kyung. There is a part where Roo Mi tells Kang Joo something like “how could you not know anything about your fiancée”. Even Doo Rim told Yi Hyun once that she understand why his sister run away, considering that Kang Joo is so cold towards her.

I will be honest and say that I did start watching this drama for Lee Hong Ki since I was curious to see how he evolved from being a child actor to taking the challenge of a more mature character, but along the way I started looking forward to every scene of Yi Hyun, the older brother of Yi Kyung. But it was bound to happen; as seen in my other posts or my blog title, I’m pretty fast when it comes to going into the second lead guy’s team.  Although I know he doesn’t have a chance with Doo Rim, I still hope the two will end together. Well, even if they don’t end up together, at least I will enjoy the scenes with him and Doo Rim.

There were some parts in the first episodes where I thought that Yi Hyun was in love with his sister Yi Kyung, because it felt like his whole attention centered on Yi Kyung. But later, when Doo Rim entered the picture, it seemed just that he needed someone to lighten up his face.

Yi Hyun: At first I thought it was just sympathy. Because your hand felt so different than Yi Kyung’s. But at some point, whenever I held your hand, all my fears disappeared and I thought I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you my by side.

I do felt sorry for Yi Kyung who was forced into the marriage by her mother who wanted to save their financial situation, however now that she and her mother have Doo Rim to use as a substitute,  I lost all my sympathy for her. Moreover when Yi Kyung found out that her bother has feelings for Doo Rim, she could’ve stopped using Doo Rim for her own good…. after all she wants Doo Rim to die, in her place. When she could’ve backed off the marriage thus letting Doo Rim go of pretending and easing her brother’s pain who also found out that the first wife of Kang Joo will die.

Yi Kyung and her mother’s selfishness, disgusts me. Especially that both know about the curse, but still want to continue with the marriage to take the money and use Doo Rim as a sacrifice for their own good. What annoys me even more is when Yi Kyung starts her psychological influence over Yi Hyun, always complaining to him that she can’t handle going into the marriage, but that happens every time Yi Hyun pleads to her to stop using Doo Rim, telling her that if she can’t withstand the whole situation she should break off the marriage.  But regarding this, we will have to wait and see how everything will continue.

For now, as I already said it, I’m enjoying “Bride of the century”, enjoying it so much that I stopped watching the other dramas, just the marathon these 8 episodes that have aired until now.



  1. It seems like this drama is creating some buzz, I’ve seen several reviews on this drama but I’m in no mood to watch k-dramas recently so I’m binging on j-dramas and tw-dramas instead. Might catch this once it’s done even though I’m not interested in any of the actors/actresses.

    1. At first I wasn’t sure that I will like this but it turned out to be good – or at least for now it is.
      Do watch it if you have time or when your interest in kdramas will rise again ^o^

  2. I started watching this drama out of curiosity, but now I am totally hooked. I fell in love with the female lead too~ Yang Jin Sung is really a pleasant surprise for me. The story is light and easy and I enjoy every episode of this drama.

    1. Indeed, it’s a light drama, although they got some dramatic stuff happening, it isn’t on the “melodramatic” side but rather enjoyable ^ ^

  3. This drama is a breath of fresh air!!!! im so hooked. I had so much fun watching it. Yang Jin sung is awesome!!!!! she nailed it playing dual roles. She can be bubbly Na doorim and after that the fierce Yi kyung. She has great acting performance and what a beauty too. I just love her. Looking forward for more dramas and movies in the future. Btw,Lee hongki and jinsung look good together.

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