[Jdrama] ‘Boku no ita jikan’ ep 6 ~ impression/opinion ~


I was a little disappointed in regards of Nomura Shuhei’s acting performance in the first episodes, however episode 6 showed his growth as an actor. He is not fully grown in terms of acting, but from what I saw in this episode, he has a lot of potential.

Rikuto is starting to break out after closing himself to the world, and refusing to go outside, he is starting to slowly break out, but this is just a result of the pressure the parents build onto him after so many years.

The thing is that the parents still don’t understand that the both of them are at fault of the pressure they put on their children; They think that Rikuto is starting to rebel, but Takuto also did it, just that compared to his younger brother, Takuto put himself a mask and refused to show is true self to others, where’s Rikuto who closed himself to those around but it’s slowly starting to break out…..loudly. I give the parents the excuse of not knowing how to deal with everything, but they forgot to see their children from the inside and not from the outside, it angers me seeing how the parents are looking at the shell of their boys, when they should be in fact looking at their soul.


On the other hand, Takuto understood that he should continue life as it is, having ALS or not, he is coping with everything and decided to enjoy life, however Rikuto doesn’t understand why his brother is okay with the whole situation.

Compared to the parents, Takuto knows how to slowly break Rikuto’s self made cage, and as a result the younger brother finally broke down and asked his older brother for help.


As we all sensed from the very beginning, because the bubble he has wrapped in, Rikuto is finding hard dealing with people and how to consider others’ feelings; indeed everything he says is fact, but he just doesn’t know how to say it in a way that won’t hurt other people. Seeing his brother going though the same hardship he did, when Rikuto asks what he should do with his future, Takuto doesn’t give the answer straight on, but asks Rikuto to have a walk with him to the dinosaurs museum, and Takuto was right, all these episodes Rikuto was the most excited and happy after visiting the museum; the whole scene pretty much showed that Takuto followed closely his brother and understood his pain.



  1. thanks thanks thank… many thanks really..
    I really like the rapport between the brothers…

  2. I’d like to hear your take on Megu, played by my favorite actress, Mikako Tabe. To me, she is one of Jaoan’s finest character actors. Her ability to transform is amazing and I wish she would get more challenging roles. She has turned the role of Megumi into the equal of Takuto. An amazing and moving performance in a very difficuot role.

    1. Megu is an important character since she is the only one who took Takuto’s mask away and she’s the only one around who he can be himself.

      But since they started to focus more on the problems faced by the two brothers and their family, Megu was somehow pushed aside from the spot light – not sure what happens in episode 7 because I haven’t seen it yet, however I do think she is the one making Takuto feel like he won’t (shouldn’t) regret anything.

      She helped him understand the importance of those around.

      Also Megu made Takuto understand that he should enjoy/ be happy even about the small things and think that steps no matter how small their are, will take you forward.

  3. Thank you for the reply, Soori. I appreciate your take on this. I just finished episode 9. It just keeps getting better. There’s one scene in episode 9 between Shigeyuki and Takuto, that I have a hard time understanding how it could have happened without any consequences. Shouldn’t Megu have been outraged? Or is there something about the culture I don’t understand?

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