[Jdrama] ‘Boku no ita jikan’ ep 4 ~ impression/opinion ~


Starting to understand Rikuto but since Takuto was the main character, there wasn’t much attention on the younger brother and he was just viewed as rude.

Episode 4: “Just because I like you…Tears of determination!!”

The mother mentioned that whenever Rikuto feels sad he plays his piano, however the older brother didn’t asks himself if something is wrong with Rikuto – it may be because he has problems at University or because he found out about Takuto’s condition and looked more into it, we don’t know for sure, but something is causing him distress.


From my point of view Rikuto’s rude attitude towards Takuto may be his only way of showing affection considering the line that has been drawn between the siblings because of their parents, especially their mother – also there are bits shown where we can guess that he doesn’t have friends, so he may not know how to show his feelings/emotions to those around. Still, as much as I am starting, or more like trying, to understand the younger brother, I’m feeling even more annoyed with the mother.

Anyway, returning to Takuto’s side of the story, the doctor is advising Takuto to express his feeling regarding the disease to someone he feels close to. However his refusal of telling his family and others around him isn’t because he isn’t close to his family or afraid of sharing his emotions with them, it seems more like he is afraid of losing them, it may also be that he doesn’t want to be looked upon and regarded as a vulnerable person or someone who needs to be constantly helped.

To be honest, it was disturbing seeing Megumi’s mother noticing that something is bothering Takuto when even his mother doesn’t.


Another thing, I do think of Shige as a good friend. Although he liked Megumi he never tried something over the top while she was Takuto’s girlfriend, also he was the first person around Takuto to notice a change in him, thinking that something might’ve happened. Also when Takuto broke up with Megumi, Shige went to confront him and ask if something is happening/bothering with him.

All in all, from this episode onwards we are starting to understand every character, since small pieces are coming together.


Pictures credit: Fuji TV | Please do not hotlink.


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