[Jdrama] ‘Boku no ita jikan’ ep 3 ~ impression/opinion ~

I’m really sorry for not posting anything about this drama, for two weeks or so, however because real life got in the way I couldn’t watch, and after that I got obsessed with Prince of Lan Ling, and since “Boku no ita jikan” requires a lot of attention for its complex subject, I needed to have time to focus only on this drama.

Episode 3: “Why me…..!? help me, mom!”

Even after watching this episode, there are many questions to be answered when it comes to the family.

Takuto is getting more and more concerned after reading the symptoms on the internet and goes to check his lack of power in his hand with a doctor, unfortunately the doctor confirms that he indeed has ALS. The news shocks Takuto and although he got the confirmation, he tries to act like everything is alright around those around him, however his powerless hand makes things difficult.

Thinking that the doctor may be mistaken, Takuto still finds it hard to believe that he has ALS tries to ask his father the percent of misdiagnosis he made, but the father answers that he never did that. After the call from Takuto the father didn’t think anything of the conversation, even though Takuto rarely calls him. There seems to be a distance between the family members, while trying to hold the surface of being a normal, successful family – I’m starting to get curious why the relation between the family members is like this, the mother focusing only on Rikuto, the father barely putting attention towards his family – like finding out after a year that his wife stopped making fabric as a hobby, and Takuto he always puts a mask in front of his family – on the surface, all those things may seem small, but there are a lot of walls between them.

What I finds weird, is that neither of the family members or his girlfriend noticed that there is something wrong with him, but the only person who notices is Shige – he is the only one to notice that Takuto is definitely hiding something regarding his health.

As the episodes goes forward, even though Takuto doesn’t really want to accept the reality of his health. He tries to make himself believe that everything is fine and go with life as it is, although subconsciously Takuto is scared, when he sees another person in the final stage of ALS, that image has a great impact on him.

After the onsen trip with Megu, where Takuto kept acting like there isn’t anything serious, (more like) trying to convince himself that nothing is wrong, his mind couldn’t think of anything else but just about the disease, however he finally breaks down while having a conversation with the doctor, trying to himself believe that the doctor may have made a misdiagnosis when he realized that all his life was lived by an empty shell.

Leaving aside Takuto’s struggle to accept the reality, I kept thinking that something might have happened to drive the family members so apart from each other. I keep thinking that there are a lot of unanswered questions within the family members. I don’t think just because of Takuto’s refusal of becoming a doctor broke the family apart; there must be something, more than that. At some point Takuto said that when he was younger, whenever he felt upset the mother will make him fired chicken, however now the mother makes it for Rikuto. Also the younger brother says that he doesn’t understand why the mother keeps giving him fried chicken.

I think I misunderstood Rikuto. There’s definitely pressure from the mother towards Rikuto, so maybe his move with Takuto wasn’t actually just to go to University but to get out of the mother’s constant radar. Another thing, when Takuto returns home after the conversation he had with the doctor where he breaks down, Rikuto seemed like he was waiting for his brother – don’t know why, maybe I am looking too much into it, and it may not mean anything much, but it just looked like he was waiting for his older brother.

Rikuto seems to hide something as well, because when the mother asked him if he made any friends at school, he hesitated a little then he answered that he did made friends.

As I watch this drama, I don’t really look much into the love relationship between Megu and Takuto, I’m more focused with finding out about the family…


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