[UPDATE] I got nominated for the Liebster Award~


Sarah from dramadrenaline is being a lovely pumpkin and nominated me for Liebster Award, it’s actually my first time being nominated so I feel all fuzzy inside.

Post updated with questions from snow_white, hjlyon, davideperretta , chocokokoro and yeonheeminoz.

Thank you all!

So each nominee has to follow these rules:

1. Each nominee link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Here are the 10 questions I received from Sarah

1. What is your all-time favorite drama and why?

There are actually 4 dramas which I love and I whenever someone asks this question I have a hard time choosing from them, therefore I will talk about these dramas; the order doesn’t matter.

Dalja’s Spring – loved it mostly because the story was more realistic, considering the always CEO-falls for the poor girl; I’m talking from a relationship point of view, Dal Ja and Tae Bong  had a normal relationship plus the story didn’t turn melodramatic as most stories do and used comical scenes until the end.

Warrior Baek Dong Soo – I lived this drama!! I think that this show made me seriously write opinions on dramas, I was so into the whole story that I used to write all kind of thoughts on my tumblr blog at that time. On top of that I got the chance to ‘meet’ some awesome people who also had the same interest as me.

King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo – full of cliché moments, but still loved the intensity of the story, and the bromance.

The snow queen – I just liked it. Bonus: Hyun Bin

 2. What is your least favorite drama and why?

Soulmate – I love to hate this drama. I always had a love-hate relationship when it came to ‘Soulmate’ …. I liked it until at some point, in the beginning the story developed way too slow, however near episode 11 – or something like that – everything was starting to rush, especially the love between the two main characters.

3. Would you rather be able to see dead people, or hear what everyone is saying ALL THE TIME?

I’m a scary cat, so I’ll choose hearing what everyone is saying all the time, also I can use that in my favour.

4. What are your thoughts on the age old arm grab in dramas?  Romantic or obnoxious?

It’s definitely a must do, or so the drama writers think….. to be honest, the backhug is more romantic than the arm grabbing. It’s not really obnoxious , but rather dangerous ; I’m pretty sure at least one actress got a dislocated shoulder while doing this kind of scene.


5. Who is your favorite second male lead of all time?

“Maroo oppa” from ‘Can You Hear My Heart” and Chan Jin from “Color of woman” – I’m sure I don’t have to explain my pick, everyone who watched those two dramas knows how I feel.

6. Which villain did you most want to smack with a cricket bat?

“An Do Hoon” (from Secret) – this guy just needs a good beating

7. Would you rather love someone from another time who you know will have to leave you forever, or be in a less-passionate relationship with someone who can be with you for the rest of your life?

Probably someone from another time who will have to leave, but it must be a passionate relationship ….and the guy has to be Won Bin. (ehem ehem don’t judge me)

8. Name every drama you can think of in which a piece of jewelry became important.

I’m sure there are a lot, but I remember just these: 49 days, Boys Before Flowers, I’m Sorry, I Love You, Shark, That Winter The Wind Blows, The Master’s Sun, The Snow Queen, Will It Snow For Christmas?


There are surely more dramas, especially those with a birth secret or a forbidden love where a of jewelry became important.

9. Name every drama you can think of in which someone ended up with a band-aid.

I summon you gold, Will you love and give it away, Coffee Prince, Wild Romance, Smile You, School 2013, I hear your voice, Hot blood, Fermentation Family.

10. If you could bring one drama character to life, who would it be and why?

Chan Jin from “Color of Woman” – he is my ideal guy so yeah… ^^

Thanks again to Sarah for nominating me~


🎶 Got more nominations from snow_white, hjlyon, davideperretta and chocokokoro.

I’m really sorry towards everyone for answering the questions so late. Thank you all for the nominations – feeling bubbly right now, thank you~!

Here are snow_white’s questions:

1. Who is your favorite K-ent actor and actress?
Favorite actor: Ji Chang Wook
Favorite actress: Han Ji Hye

2. Talking about favorites, what are your favorite movies, TV serials, actors and actresses outside Kdramaland?
I watched religiously the first season of Hannibal, so currently I’m into the actors, Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen – for now I’m also quietly waiting for the second season.

One movie that I watched recently was and enjoyed really much to the point of calling it favorite is the Taiwanese movie “Hear Me”.
And for actors, I enjoy Kase Ryo’s acting a lot.

3. If your life were a drama, which one would it be?
Maybe “Empress Ki”

4. Dramas or novels? Why?
Dramas – they’re my happy pill.

5. Which color do you like the most and why?
I’m obsessed with the color green. Not sure why I like this color so much, but my whole room is green – wall, bed sheets….pretty much everything.

6. Your dream cast for a drama: main leads as well as second leads………….
Firstly, Ji Chang Wook as the main lead guy; Lee Sang Yeob as the second main lead. As for the females Park Ha Sun as the main girl and Esom as the second

7. What is the best thing about blogging in your opinion?
‘Meeting’ new people through blogging my opinion and reading others’ opinions (comments) on/of how they see a certain scene or a character after they read my posts.

The questions received from hjlyon:

1. What is your favorite genre of drama and why?
Family drama (well if it can be named a genre). Although most family dramas have somewhere around 50 episodes and can be a lot of work watching them, however not only the main characters are put in the spotlight but in fact all characters are and so the views can enjoy the other cast of the drama. Another reason is that compared to normal dramas, family dramas have a lot of space for character development and isn’t rushed.

2. List 5 of your favorite actors/actresses and tell us what you think their strong point is.
Ji Chang Wook – although he is a young actor he can lift a lot his cast mates through his acting.
Han Ji Hye – her variety or roles
Hwang Jung Eum and Han Hye Jin for not being ashamed (as how most Korean actresses are) for doing a mental breakdown moment after being emotionally exhausted.
Shim Ji Ho for being my second lead syndrome (yep yep that’s a strong point)

3. What is your most hated dramaland cliche?  There are a ton, have fun!
I absolutely hate when main characters do the “I must leave you so I can save you – I’m doing this for your good” …. Or discarding oneself for the good of the loved one…

4. Pick any drama you didn’t like the casting choices for (or at least most of them) and recast it.
I would change the cast of a drama that had idols as main characters and put young actors, something like kicking Kim Hyun Joong out and putting Park Seo Joon in his place in “Mischievous Kiss”.

Also I didn’t like the main cast for “Me Too, Flower!”, somehow Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Jin Ah didn’t match.

5. Favorite drama hero or heroine and why.
I don’t (think) I have a favorite drama hero/heroine.

6. What genre of dramas can you absolutely not watch.
Daily dramas – not sure if it can be called a genre, however as much as I love family dramas, I hate daily/morning dramas. I tried to watch “Ugly Alert” but I stopped somewhere around episode 60 if I remember correctly, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

7. Is there an actor or idol that you would love to spent just 10 minutes with to give them tips to help them with their career and what tips would you give?
Most actors finish acting academies/universities and idols have acting couches hired by their agency, if those people couldn’t do anything for them, then I don’t know what I can do or say. I suppose some are just a lost cause and some are Go Ara’s type, they need a good PD and writer.

8. What drama would you love to re-write and what changes would you make?
Even if there were any dramas witch I didn’t like how it ended or how the story evolved, it was the writer and the PD’s vision on it so I’ll have to respect that, therefore I won’t change anything to any drama.

9. What OST is the best, in your opinion, of any currently airing or past drama ever?
Out of the currently airing dramas I absolutely love Horan’s song “I love you” for the Korean drama “One Warm Word” and Adrian Fu’s “Good morning hard city” OST for the Taiwanese drama “In a good way”.

10. What are your favorite drama websites for either video, news, fangirling, etc.?
I watch some dramas on viki mostly for the comments, makes me feel like I’m not alone while watching a drama and some Chinese sites.
For reading news about let’s say Korean Entertainment I just use Nate and Daum.
For fangirling twitter and tumblr.

Davideperretta’s questions:

1. What’s your favorite thing to eat while you’re watching a movie?
I normally don’t eat while watching movies (or dramas), I mostly drink tea or hot coco. But if if the weekend, I take my meals while watching something.

2. One thing you’ll never try? Not even once (besides meth).
Bungee Jumping – I will never ever do it!!

3. What actor/actress do you think looks like you?
I don’t think I look like any actresses, but I secretly wish to look like Han Hyo Joo.

4. Who’s your favorite person in the world?

5. What’s the most disgusting thing ever?
People sharing the same spoon.

6. What’s your favorite color-palette?
Green and orange.

7. What’s your idea of a perfect day?
Staying home in my pajamas – that’s the most perfect day or at least for me it is relaxing.

8. What’s your favorite weekday?
Thursday –I always had easy schedule
Saturday – because I can stay home in my pajamas.

9. Are you happy (now)?
Yes….. I think…….. I hope so

10. Do aliens exist?
Well, if aliens look like Kim Soo Hyun, then yes they do exist! Also I won’t mind if they’’ invade us.

Chocokokoro’s questions:

1. If you could write the script for a drama, what would it be about?
I want more strong women so I’ll probably write something about a woman with a strong personality. She will be the CEO and the main guy will be poor and he will live somewhere near the periphery of a town. But they won’t end up together, my main female character will end with the second dude.

2. What is your favorite genre of dramas and/or movies?
For dramas: family dramas
For movies: I like all genres, I think it depends on my mood.

3. Has an OST song ever made you shed tears? If so, which song(s)?
Yes, I cried like a baby because of the Warrior Baek Don’g Soo’s OST, mainly Shin Jae’s “Crazy Heart”– this song goes straight to your heart.

4. What one scene in any drama/movie have you ever wanted to happen to you?

5. What motivates you to keep blogging?
Since lately I’ve been doing more reviews/opinion posts, I suppose my like and dislike moments of certain characters or scenes. Also seeing if others see some scenes as I do or no, and if they don’t why, sharing my opinion and reading others’ opinion – stuff like that.

6. Do you have any other obsessions beside watching dramas?
I don’t call it an obsession, but I like to paint a lot – it relives my stress.

7. Does anyone you know in real life know about your life as a blogger?
My siblings know. But others don’t know, I don’t talk about my blog because the people around me aren’t into dramas.

8. What song do you have stuck in your head currently?

9. If you could replace the leading lady/guy in any existing drama, which drama would you pick and why?
As I already said it, I would change Kim Hyun Joong with Park Seo Joon in “Mischievous Kiss”, I think Park Seo Joon would’ve been more fitting for the role.

10. How has watching dramas changed your life?
At some point, I was more focused on watching dramas than my daily real life things. But that’s kind of it.

Got another nomination from yeonheeminoz, I’m really really sorry for answering your questions so late, thank you for the nomination~

Here are the question from yeonheeminoz:

1. List your top 10 Korean dramas from 2013-Now? (Order them randomly, and it would be great if you add why for some of them.)
I don’t think I have a top 10, because some were enjoyable but can’t actually make their way in my top ten, anyway I will give it a try and see how many will ‘show’ in the end:

Secret – the writing, acting and filming was what I normally enjoy, I loved the development of the characters especially Jo Min Hyuk (played by Ji Sung) ‘s character development he went from being a living corps into actually becoming aware of those around him and accepting others  especially accepting to love someone else.  Also, Kang Yoo Jung (played by Hwang Jung Eum) went from a person who always cared about other to fight for herself.
School 2013 – I normally enjoy these type of dramas; the story was leaning towards a cheesy one however it was good in the end. A big plus is because the staff used young actors.
Two weeks – something different. This show reminded me how great of an actor Lee Jun Ki is, and how much he changed from being the “feminine guy in dramas/movies’ and become “the actor from dramas/movies”. It was kind of sad that “Two Weeks” didn’t had bigger ratings, the story was different among all the melos, rom-com and overly used stories, it’s the type of drama that keeps one on the edge of the chair.
I summon you, gold – although I had a love-hate relationship with this show after the change of staff, in the end I liked it.
The King of Dramas – there is no need to even say why I like this drama. It was great!
One Warm Word – it’s still currently airing, I think when it will end, this drama will definitely be on my top 10 dramas of all time; mostly because of the different story line and great acting.
That Winter, the Wind Blows – from the acting, OST, writing, and mostly for the cinematography this drama blow me away.
Heartless City – the same reasons as Two Weeks.
All About My Romance – because of the realistic love relationship between the two main, I think it was the most realistic relationship in Kdrama land, along with “Dalja’s spring”.

2. If you were to live the life of any KDrama character, which character would you choose and why?
Trash from Reply 1994…..well, I kind of live like that already….

3. What’s the most annoying thing that you probably see or hear in every KDrama?
The wrist grabbing and pulling the girl.

4. An adorable phrase or word a character said very frequently?

Whenever they start falling in love, every character goes like:

Like this from Coffee Prince, not said frequently in dramas, but I liked it: “I like you. Whether you’re a man or an alien, I don’t care anymore”.

5. You’re the director of Man from Another Star and Kim Soo Hyun is already taken by another drama. Which actor would you choose and why?
Song Jae Rim because I’m sure he could’ve made it good.

6. Insert 5 funny KDrama gifs! (Copy or upload them from Tumblr.)

7. What are your top 5 scenes from currently airing dramas?
My first favorite scene is from “Secret” when Hwang Jung Eum who plays Kang Yoo Jung has a moment of mental breakdown and starts running around after being stalked and pressured by Jo Min Hyuk (Played by Ji Sung). I think this is actually one of my all time favorite scenes.

The second and third scenes are from “One Warm Word” where both the main female characters Na Eun Jin  (Han Hye Jin) and Song Mi Kyung (Kim Ji Su) had a moment of breakdown. I suppose I like these kind of things, since there weren’t many scenes where the females had these kind of moments.

The forth scene is also from “Secret” when Min Hyuk goes after Yoo Jung and pulls her out of the buss and hugs her.

Yeah yeah  I know the scenes from Secret aren’t from a currently airing drama however I loved those two parts so much, both scenes has a great amount of emotions, and the filmography was simply great

The fifth scene is from “Empress Ki” when Nyang hides from Dang Ki Se in the Emperor’s bath and this happens:

8. What’s your recently favorite OST song?
Since I already wrote Horan and Adrian Fu’s songs, another OST from a recent drama is Nell’s “Run” from the drama “Two Weeks”

9. What’s your idea of an ideal drama? Tell us the story and you may do the casting.
To be honest got bored of the CEO – poor girl thing, even in historical dramas we have the Emperor/king and the normal girl, I would like the character to be on middle society standards and go through normal problems.  As for the cast someone from  Yoo Joon Sang, Ji Chang Wook, Song Jae Rim, Park Hae Jin, Han Ji Hye and Park Ha Sun.

10. Lee Min Ho in Faith, Lee Jong Suk in I Hear Your Voice, Kim Soo Hyun in Man from Another Star… There are a lot of super powered characters in dramaland. If you were to have only one of those super powers, which one would it be and why?
Kim Soo Hyun kind of has everything, so I’ll probably want his power.

Again, thank you everyone for the nominations~

My nominees are:

–          The Drama Corner

–          Afairytaleworld

–          Obsessionsofline

–          Thetalkingcupboard

–          Sulovesdrama

–          Sphereofgray

–          Analogueblues

–          Splashofinspiration

–          LeeJIN’s Drama Corner

–          The cat that watched TV

My questions for them:

  1. What was your first drama (Korean or other Asian drama) and what made you watch it?
  2. When you start a new drama, what are your requirements (eg. the plot, poster, trailer, writer, or PD and so on….)
  3. What story (drama story) had an impact on your life, or if there are any?
  4. What is your favorite OST and why?
  5. What are your thoughts in regards of the weak female leads?
  6. What character you find similar to yourself and why?
  7. Do you have any actresses/actors you used to dislike but ended up changing your opinion about her/him/them after watching a (certain) drama?
  8. Which variety show is your guilty pleasure?
  9. Which singer/s made you cry?
  10. What would be your ideal drama story?


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  2. Congrats for the awards and thanks for the nomination! Here’s my answers: http://wp.me/p1rjl7-36d

    LOL at the arm grab. It does look painful and same goes with wrist grab! If it was me, my wrist will break from the force >.< It's better to use the romantic back hug just like you suggested..because it's also squee-worthy! I'm a big fan of back hugs! 😀

  3. The Liebster Award strikes me again! Thanks a bunch for the nomination 😀
    As for the passionate love with Won Bin…we might need to talk more about this one…

  4. Hmmm.. must it a must to join this award? Haha, because I don’t follow much blogs to be honest, I don’t know whether I have 10 nominees :p

    1. It’s more like a chain challenge than an award, don’t think it actually matters ^o^

  5. love love love i loved her video clip and the song was phenomenal

  6. Nice! Enjoyed reading your clever answers 🙂

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