[Kdrama] ‘You Who Came From the Stars’ ep 5-12 ~ impression/opinion ~

Weirdly although I can’t say that I really like this drama and I may end up forgetting about it since the story isn’t something to keep somewhere in my drama drawer from my head, every week I still find myself enjoying each episode.

Even though I hoped that Jae Kyung won’t affect too much the story, he is now the main reason almost every character suffers.

Do Min Joo is starting to understand that he likes Song Yi. During the time when he was unconscious, he dreamed of having a happy life with her, but it may actually portray that he regrets not leading a normal life while being on Earth; He dreamed of enjoying everyday life with Song Yi, also having a family with her – as we see the image of her being pregnant.


A thing I find interesting, is the grass from Do Min Joo’s house that portrays how he is feeling. From what I knew, grass symbolized life and growth, aside from that, I did some research on the grass symbol and found some new meanings:

Grass is a symbol of new growth and the victory over the unproductiveness. In the old dream interpretation one associated grass with pregnancy. Today, nevertheless, one assumes from the fact that grass shows new ideas and plans. It stands for the fullness of thought, feelings and other spiritual-mental contents and then can ask to bring a certain order in them and to set priorities, so that one does not waste himself. Other meanings are possible from the respective accompanying circumstances:

  • of Green, juicy grass should point to long, happy life, well-being and prosperity.
  • high grass can warn against wasting his forces, because one does not distinguish important things any more from insignificant ones.
  • dry grass stands for worries, grief and miseries what often refers to the old age.
  • grass mow more prosperity and security promises.
  • in the grass can lie wrong expectations and hopes register which will not come true.
  • grass sometimes eat admonished to change his behaviour because one makes himself usually ridiculous. (cr dreamtation.com)

Whi Kyung is starting to suspect his older brother of the things behind Song Yi and Min Joo’s incidents, he also finds strange that his brother’s ex-wife is rather missing and barely anyone was in contact with her. Despise his kind of ‘fool’ personality, Whi Kyung seems to turn into a key character, he is quite detailed and composed in tense situations.

However Jae Kyung does seem to know about Whi Kyung’s “investigation” on him but compared to how he handles everyone else, I think Jae Kyung wants to know his younger brother’s limit, how far he can/dares to go with the whole thing. So far, I’m really curious what made Jae Kyung like this, remember from “White Christmas” – a monster is raised not born; he also to touch his ring whenever he “puts his eyes” on the next target so I’m really curious to find out about the behind of those things.

Se Mi is well…. the whole story could’ve go forward without her. At some point she talks with a drama PD about putting Song Yi as the second lead while she will play the main lead. She clearly wants to make Song Yi feel inferior to her, but can she really do it? Considering the way the writer wrote the Song Yi character, showing a quirky personality on the surface but a lion behind, and Se Mi isn’t yet at the level of successfully making Song Yi feel inferior towards her, after all Se Mi is just bitter inside about everything. Not to mention that Song Yi is way too concerned about Do Min Joo’s condition so she won’t even have time to care about Se Mi’s petty plans.

But considering all that, even though Song Yi has her whole attention on Min Joo and his health, she still keeps her quirky personality.

I noticed a thing about the comic book shop girl, in the beginning she always spoke about how much she dislikes Song Yi, but some way or another she is always the one who Song Yi talks about her concern with and she always listen. It seems like, even though she (says) hated Song Yi, she was more her friend than Se Mi who always put a good friend show.


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