[Jdrama] ‘Boku no ita jikan’ ep 2 ~ impression/opinion ~

After watching this episode, I have to say that I’m finally rest assured with Miura Haruma taking on this heavy role.

Going back to the story, this episode made me so angry towards the younger brother Rikuto, seriously don’t get this kid at all. I do understand that normally, siblings fight for the parents attention, but Rikuto is on another level, he just wants to see Takuto feel inferior.

At some point I wanted to believe that because Takuto gave up in being a doctor as how the parents wished all along, the next in line to become one was Rikuto, so the parents moved away from Takuto towards Rikuto into pressuring him to become a doctor – for now I just want to believe that Rikuto is furious with Takuto because the parents are trying to make him pursue that kind of career without taking his desires and dreams into account. For now this is how I want to believe because it will be repulsive to see him trying to make his brother feel inferior just because he likes the attention he receives from the parents.

Leaving the younger brother aside, it was lovely to see Takuto put down the mask he usually wears in front of people, thanks to Megu. Although there was a moment when both of the misunderstood each other, Megu started understanding Takuto and the hardships he was facing at work even though he is a full time employee, while she still haven’t found a company to work at….except for the part time job.

It was touching seeing Takuto (finally) slowly showing his true and insecure self towards Megu considering that he never does that with the people around him – it was like he is starting to feel secure around her having moments of truly smiling while spending time with her.

As for Megu, she isn’t aware of the fact that she is slightly yet steadly changing Takuto and helps him grow more confidence without feeling stressed/pressured by those around him. She also helped him understand what he actually wants to do in life and what he likes about his job. Although Takuto was always put down by his senior at work making his confidence drop even more, with Megu’s advice on how to look towards his job, he could finally show an honest smile to his clients while enjoying doing that line of work.

Even though Takuto is starting to put his life and what not self confidence into place, the disease that puts hold on his body shows more and more hints, however now he does find some things happening with his body at least weird. Curious of what it may be he searches on the internet about the symptoms and learns that it may be ALS; although he doesn’t want to believe that he has ALS after just one search on the internet, he can’t help but wonder if it’s indeed true.

I’m still carouse of what will happen ahead with Takuto and how his relationship may develop with Megu considering that at the beginning of both the first episode and this episode, he is shown in a wheelchair holding the message bottle he and Megu wrote in the first episode on the beach, but more than his relationship with Megu, I’m still more curious on how his family will react when they will find out about his disease and that he doesn’t have much to life, if they will understand that all this time they forgot to see Takuto, the real one and not just the shell.

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PS: show some love to Rihwa for singing the lovely theme song for this drama:



  1. I am glad about reading an episode 02 review. I have a slight feeling that when I was here the first time “Boku no Ita Jikan” was not in your “Currently Watching” list, so, if my impression is really true, I am pretty happy in seeing it there now. 🙂
    About Miura taking this role, I am still not sure. Some of his face expressions do not convince me at all. If I said that he is a bad actor I think it would be really unfair. (Sawajiri) Erika-sama’s acting always comes to my mind these times. I remember that the accidents in “1 Litre of Tears” were a little bit cheesy, but when Aya’s disease got worse I felt that the struggle was real. Her acting was really touching so I guess I can expect something good about Miura too.
    Hmm, Rikuto is also getting on my nerves! I think he has that high and mighty attitude because he will become a doctor. In almost all countries (if not all of them) being a doctor or studying Medicine is a big deal. Everybody gets impressed since it takes a lot of study/ work and it offers many paths. So maybe that’s why he feels he is better than Takuto. It made me mad when he said “Since I was a kid, it was obvious to me to be a doctor. But if I had to have a reason I would just say I want to help people” (“Just say I want to help people” = I don’t really care about them). Also, at the bed scene, when he asks Megu “Why? Didn’t he make you cry!?” it seemed like he couldn’t understand why someone could like Takuto if he is just a commoner (a simply full-time worker in an unknown company). Rikuto is an idiot (or acting like one) so it makes sense for me. When Takuto’s disease gets worse we’ll probably have a touching scene where Rikuto admits he is an idiot and that he has always envied Takuto for his will.
    I wonder if Takuto will break up with Megu when he finds out about this disease. Also, will Takuto’s sempai make his moves? I like this drama so far. Since I am just following two dramas this season, I’m glad I have picked this one.

    I agree with you when it comes to the theme song. Rihwa’s and specially Yuzu’s song ( I have a soft spot when it comes to Yuzu, hehe) fit very well in this dorama. The sound effects are quite nice too. I like the clock pointers sound, it make us feel like “oh my, he is running out of time 😦 “. Hope to read episode 03 review too when the ep is out! 😀

    1. Yes, it wasn’t on my currently watch list until now, had to think carefully since I’m watching way too many dramas at the moment. I actually wanted to do recaps of this drama, but I don’t have enough time until the end of February so I just decide to post reviews.

      No, we can’t even compare with what Sawajiri did for 1 Litre of tears, the way she showed the pain of Aya was made in a much more realistic way than how Miura is doing here, he isn’t at the level of “telling pain”, but so far he does have his good points. If I were to be the PD or the writer of this drama, I would’ve by far choose Kora Kengo for the role of Takuto.

      As for Rikuto, I think there is more than just the “doctor” attitude he has towards Takuto, on top of that I don’t think he knows what love and relationships mean – also the parents don’t seem to have been showing parental love to any of the two boys, it was more like Takuto and Rikuto had to do well in everything considering their social status and their father’s line of work. The parents focused too much into showing that they are a successful family and forgot to actually show love and care to their children.

      Takuto and Megu will probably break up in episode 3, the preview showed that he wants to take Megu to a trip to an onsen and there is shown a moment where he hugs her tightly so maybe because he is starting to be aware of the disease he will break up with her before their feeling will grow even more so she won’t suffer/have a hard time when he will die.

      Yes, I will post a review for episode 3.
      Thank you for reading and for your comments! ^ ^

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