[TWdrama] ‘In A Good Way’ ep 3-7 ~ impression/opinion ~

“In a good way” is such a pleasant watch, I think among all the dramas I’ve watched, this is the only drama that makes my watching time a pleasant one. The fact that there isn’t a negative character to mingle in the other’s characters life makes “In a good way” even better.

I love the idea of a group of friends where there are no hard feelings against each other and that the drama just follows the daily lives of those students.

Although some may say that it copies Reply in terms of time placement, however this drama doesn’t make it so obvious, of course there are shown products and all kind of stuff from 1995, but all that is somewhere in the background and doesn’t have a big impact as in Reply, it gives more of the “life goes on” kind of feeling rather than blatantly showing everything up front so that the viewer can take notice of the year that the story is developing.

Another thing I like is the way the life of the other characters is portrayed, the focus isn’t only on the main couple’s life or growing love, but in fact the lives of the other characters are also given importance, thing that doesn’t give them the title of ‘filling characters’ but rather they actually give flavor to the story. For example, Ri Qi and Xiao Wei’s quiet and shyly growing love towards each other; or Ren Wei funny infatuation with Xue Fen that is slowly turning into love.

Also, although Xue Fen has a one side love for Liu Chuan for more than 3 years, she isn’t the normal second female lead that tries to break apart the bond that is creating between Liu Chuan and Jia En. She is genuinely nice towards Jia En, whether it’s about helping Jia En with school or just going out/spending time as friends. From the beginning of the drama I kept waiting to see her plotting, evil side but no she is actually a nice person.

As for the main ‘couple’, I look forward to see how they will develop, and if Liu Chuan’s secrete about his father being a politician may affect them, or if when Jia En finds out that Liu Chuan is her internet friend, although she asked him a lot of times to help her find that friend, will even affect their (current) friendship. Even though some things may end up affecting them, after all we can’t have only happiness in this life, I will enjoy Liu Chuan’s jealousy and bothered looks whenever Jia En talks with other boys… though he still doesn’t notice his own actions.

Photos credit: SETTV

By the way, take a moment to listen to Freya Lin’s wonderful voice


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