[Kdrama] ‘Reply 1994′ episode 11-19 ~ impression/opinion ~

There are barely any things I want to say about Reply 1994. After episode 12 I started to lose any thrill I had for this drama, my enthusiasm faded and to be honest I continued to watch mostly with the thought of finishing it already.

When ‘Reply 1994’ started it was said that the show will focus on basketball and Seo Taiji, however along the way the producers and the writer saw that the “guess the husband” was receiving much more attention and they decided to go on with it; I also was caught in this guessing game, step by step trying to unfold the meaning behind hints and so on, but I got bored, it was too much. I did like it but it was getting annoying and so at one point watching this drama become a pain.

‘Reply 1997’ also had the fandom subject and although they slowly added the love subject, it still kept the H.O.T. theme, on the other hand, in ‘Reply 1994’ they totally forgot about the two subject, yes they did continue for a while with Seo Taiji but it was more just to remember the time when Seo Taiji and The Boys disbanded. I personally wanted to see more of the basketball fandom during that period, even the Seo Taiji fandom and craziness that revolved around it.

To be honest, what made me re-start watching with more interest was the ‘Reply 1997’ cast when they started to do their cameo…. making me miss the first season.

Also, those that read my other ‘Reply 1994’ opinion posts or twitter updates know that I’m in ‘Chilbong’s team’ and maybe that’s why I didn’t understand the groundless, (rather) angry comments towards Chilbong when people were saying that he should step aside when Trash and Najung become a couple. Why should he step out? If Trash and Najung were indeed having a -real love- relationship there shouldn’t be any worries, I mean after all if Najung is truly in love with Trash she shouldn’t be conscious of Chilbong. Not to mention that Chilbong wasn’t actually stepping into Trash and Najung’s relationship, he didn’t do anything over the wall of rationality or common sense, so why all the hate on Chilbong as if he will make Najung and Trash break up.

Another thing that annoyed me – just as a normal viewer – is how the writer decided to send some characters away: Haetae in army, Trash in Busan and Chilbong in Japan. She send them away and just filled some episodes with …. nothing, nothing and more nothing!!

By the way, speaking of Trash, I found childish his fight from the bus with the ‘Reply 1997’ cast member. I liked the whole cameo idea because as I said it, my interest grow again, after falling rock bottom, thanks to the cameos, but making Trash, a 20 something guy having a fight with a high school girl was simply stupid. They could’ve made the cast of the first season meet Trash in another way, why have them fight each other in that childish manner? No matter how funny it was supposed to be, Trash is a grown up man, soon to get married but fights with girls over what? A song…..!!!

I may say this mostly because I am in Chilbong’s team, however I like his determination. He is a determined man compared to Trash – actually that’s why I like him more than Trash. Yes I do understand, Trash had to think about the family since he was always treated and acted as the family’s son, rather than the friend of their dead son, but his overly thinking and always debating was in the end pointless.

PS: don’t think that I don’t like the writer of this drama because of my comments, actually she was for 6 years the writer of my most favorite variety show, I respect her work, it’s just that those episodes weren’t my cup of tea.



  1. I share your thoughts and I’m a lot less enthusiastic about the recent episodes, I’m just waiting for it to finish and watching for the sake to see the ending. Or maybe it was because IAGW snatched 100% of my full attention that I started to neglect this reply series.

    I confess to not being a huge fan of reply 1997 but I adore it enough and while reply 1994 started out really great, even better than 1997, It’s slowly losing its focus and I would much prefer it to be a short 12-16 episodes where they could condense the story and make it short and sweet.

    1. True, if it was a 16 episode drama maybe things wouldn’t got this boring, they also forced way too much the guess the husband game and it ended up less enjoyable to watch.

      I also I’m focusing more on IAGW and One Warm Word and maybe those two shows make Reply seem less atractive to me.

      At this point I have more of a “meh let’s just finish it already” attitude towards ‘Reply 1994’.

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