[Kdrama] ‘One Warm Word’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/opinion ~

Ho ho ho ho! Christmas and winter break are slowly approaching which means I have lots and lots of time to watch dramas, and that’s why I started another drama called ‘One Warm Word’ – not that I wasn’t watching way to may –currently- airing dramas but hey as I said it, time is all I have!

Judging by ‘One Warm Word’ poster, it looks like a heavy melodrama, and to be honest, lately I tried to run away from melodramas mostly because of the heavy story and revenge, plot twist, Niagara crying and so on, however on the spur of the moment I started watching this drama, and to my surprise it wasn’t as I thought; meaning that it has a lot of squeaky (?), funny, cheerful, beautiful, childish and overall warm moments.

‘One Warm Word’ has a subject that people tend to label as taboo especially in a society as Korea’s. That subject is cheating. The drama tells the story of Na Eun Jin (played by Han Hye Jin) who is married with Kim Sung Soo (played by Lee Sang Woo). Five years prior to the present time of the drama’s story, Sung Soo cheated on Eun Jin with coworker, his excuse: after giving birth to their only daughter Kim Yoon Jung, Eun Jin had a postnatal depression therefore she didn’t let Sung Soo near her, and so that was a perfect reason for him to cheat on his wife. Now in present time, it’s Eun Jin’s time to cheat on her husband with Yoo Jae Hak (played by Ji Jin Hee). Song Mi Kyung (played by Kim Ji Su), Jae Hak’s wife finds out that he is cheating on her, and she starts sending threatening letters to Eun Jin.

Normally, whenever I watch a drama, I start having compassion towards at least one character yet I don’t have such feelings for any characters of this drama. Everyone – well, I’m talking about the 4 main characters – beg to be slapped by the viewers….seriously I just want to slap them!

First character I want to talk about is Yoo Jae Hak. He was forced into an arranged marriage by his father with his current wife, Song Mi Kyung – the two had two boys. Jae Hak cheats on his wife with Eun Jin, but the guy has the nerve to get angry at Mi Kyung when he finds out that she hired a private detective to follow him around. I understand he was forced into this marriage and he (may) have zero romantic feelings towards Mi Kyung but this guy needs to stop acting like he is suffering the most because of the life he lives… much like the typical Korean drama female lead who always suffer.  Not to mention Jae Hak doesn’t have any chemistry with Eun Jin or Mi Kyung. Seriously, he has no chemistry with any of the female characters, he is just there. Ji Jin Hee, the actor that plays Jae Hak has so much charisma whenever he plays a general or some king in historical dramas, but in modern dramas he is just a dried cucumber.

His wife, Song Mi Kyung looks normal, but damn, this woman is crazy as Hell. She is nuts! On the outside she is the perfect wife always doing everything she can for her family and always trying to please her mother-in-law. However when Mi Kyung found out about her husband cheating, she started losing control, she sent  threatening letters to Eun Jin, put a detective to follow her and not to mention getting into the same cooking class as Eun Jin.

To be honest, this year only two actresses played the mental breakdown moment believable; one is Hwang Jung Eum when she had a mental breakdown after being put under (stalking) pressure by Ji Sung’s character and the second actress is Kim Ji Su (this drama’s Song Mi Kyung). I liked the moment when after Jae Hak found about the private detective and confronted her about it, Mi Kyung had a losing-control moment when she started smacking everything around – for her it may have been actually a moment of finally letting everything she gathered inside all those years of playing the perfect wife and well, mostly living with a man who didn’t and won’t love her.

One thing that I find it annoying is that she is on a constant note of trying to confirm the love Jae Hak has for her, I mean it was an arranged marriage and he was forced into the marriage, there is no way the cucumber will have feelings for her, romantically speaking.

As for Eun Jin and Sung Soo, the two did married out of love and had a girl, however things started shaking when after giving birth, Eun Jin went through postnatal depression, resulting to Sung Soo cheating on her. Yep! And here we have another case of “my wife changed after giving birth and she is at fault for me cheating on her”. Even so, he cheated a few years before the present time; Sung Soo is trying to change himself to become a good husband and father. On the other hand, although Sung Soo wants to restart everything with Eun Jin, she isn’t thinking the same; after all, outside of she has a relationship with Jae Hak.

After receiving threatening letters from an unknown person who seems to know about her relationship with Jae Hak, Eun Jin decides to break up with him. While she seems driven to keep a distance from Jae Hak constantly telling him not to meet anymore, she continues to meet him for various reasons. I kind of wanted to see Eun Jin trying to comfort Sung Soo after his father’s death rather than seeing her being too busy with the thought of Jae Hak and the threatening letters while venting her anger on Sung Soo.

Also in the mist of their constant bickering and divorce discussions, both Eun Jin and Sung Soo forgot about their daughter’s feelings. Although she seems to be more mature than the actual adults of this show, it was heartbreaking when Yoon Jung wanted to wander around on the streets and not return home after school just to confirm her mother’s love for her.

What I simply love about this drama is that they show stuff similar to real life rather than the always rich dude falling for the poor girl, I like that they show what could be a real life families. Another thing I like about ‘One Warm Word’ is that in this drama are shown couples of different generations, like for example the warmth of Eun Jin’s parents after being married with each other more than 25 years.

All in all as a first impression ‘One Warm Word’ is a nicely done drama with good acting and script. For now I will definitely continue to follow this drama.



  1. Thanks for reviewing..
    At first, I was only watching for the little kid in Two Weeks..
    and I agree its turns out quite good till eps 5 now..
    Hoping it wont turn into more angst than I can handle.

    “What I simply love about this drama is that they show stuff similar to real live rather than the always rich dude falling for the poor girl,”
    **cough… love is the mooomeentt… cough..**

    1. True, so far so good. Saw episode 6 as well and for now I still consider this drama as a ‘good one’ – hope it won’t turn into a ‘true Korean melodrama’ but rather continue this path they started.

      Thanks for reading and for your comment ^o^

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