[TWdrama] ‘In A Good Way’ ep 1-2 ~ quick recap/first impression/opinion ~

Hallelujah! And we have a winner!

Finally a Taiwanese drama that makes me excited while waiting for new episodes. From scrip writing/story, acting, characters until the OST, I like everything about this drama.

In this post, I will include a quick recap of the first two episodes so it will contain spoilers, therefore read it at your own risk.

Episode 1 quick recap

The first episode shows Lin Jia En and Zheng Ren Wei, in their last year of high school, after the university entrance exam or SAT. The two are childhood and because Jia En’s parents had to move to Taipei to work there, she lived with Ren Wei and his parents.

The day to fill their University options came, because Ren Wei wanted to live in a big city and escape the life in a small rural town, he decided to apply for universities in Taipei. Hearing that he wants to live in Taipei, Jia En wants to go to the same university as Ren Wei and starts copying the options he wrote on his form. However, since Ren Wei kind of wanted to leave every trace of the small town behind and start a new life, when Jia En leaves to the bathroom, Ren Wei erases his friend’s options and fills other universities, different from his.

When the day for the results arrives, Ren Wei gets accepted into his desired university in Taipei, however, Jia En, who although had better marks than Ren Wei , doesn’t get accepted into no university since Ren Wei re-filled her options with mostly finance majors and that year, finances majors were popular.

Ren Wei leaves to Taipei and Jia En is left in the small town to study for next year’s university entrances exam.  But Jia En gets bored studying all day and with nothing else to do in the small rural town, she packs her stuff and leaves to Taipei. However Taipei isn’t how she expected, the moment Jia En arrives she gets robbed, and because her parents were on a vacation, she had no where to stay in Taipei, but she is determined to find Ren Wei and stay at him until her parents return.

Luckily she finds the university Ren Wei is studying at, but because of a small accident, she mistakes Ren Wei’s dorm room, with Liu Shan Feng’s room. Shan Feng kicks her out of his room.

Jia En has no choice but to wait for Ren Wei in from of the dorm. What she doesn’t know is that Ren Wai is ignoring her pager calls – still, thinking that her friend will help her, she is terminate to wait for him.

Shan Feng starts feeling guilty for kicking her out after seeing Jia En waiting for hours in front of the dorm, and when the rain starts, Shan Feng takes her to his room. Somehow, the dorm’s supervisor, Mary found out that a girl sneaked into the boys’ dorm and starts to check all the rooms – this unfolds some funny incidents while Shan Feng tries to hide Jia En from Mary and the other boys living in the dorm. While hiding, somehow, the pendant that Shan Feng cherished the most slips into Jia En’s bag.

The next morning, Jia En leaves Shan Feng’s room but also leaves him a thank you note for his help. Also, while Ren Wei and his pals were eating, Ren Wei notices a beautiful girl, Bai Xue Fen, and kind of falls in love with her.

Shan Feng notices that his pendant is missing and runs to search for Jia En.

Episode 2 quick recap

Jia En finally meets up with Ren Wei and he gives her a ride to her parents’ store. Later, Shan Feng draws Jia En’s portrait and tells his friend and roommate to find the girl.

Jia En delivers some tea from her parents shop to the university and there, Shan Feng’s roommate sees her. On her way out, Jia En hears some students talking about a girl sneaking into the boys’ dorm (we are currently in the year 1995 and people made a big deal about it) – scared that she may be found out, when the roommate finds her, she runs from him.

A few hours later, Jia En confesses to Ren Wei about sleeping into the boys dorm the first night she came to Taipei and because she was worried that Shan Feng may be in trouble because of her, Jia En asks Ren Wei to find Shan Feng for her.

Although Ren Wei doesn’t like Shan Feng because he is the most popular guy in the university, he decides to help Jia En and brings Shan Feng to her parent’s shop.  Jia En asks Shan Feng not to tell anyone about her sleeping in his room. Afterwards he asks her if she saw his pendant somewhere, but because Jia En wasn’t aware that the pendant was in her bag, Shan Feng gives her his pager number to call him if she finds the pendant.

Another day, Jia En’s parents were in charge of a ‘confession contest’ (or something like that) at the university, whoever got a confession, receives black tea from Jia En’s parents. All kind of people confess their love to others. When some guy confess to Bai Xue Fen, and asks her if he has a chance even though he found out that she slept into Shan Feng’s room. Everyone is shocked, and Ren Wei jumps to save Bai Xue Fen saying that she never slept into Shan Feng’s room.

However, one of Ren Wei’s friends who by mistake found out that Jia En was the one who slept at Shan Feng’s tells everyone the truth.  When the dorm supervisor asks Ren Wei if it’s true that Jia En slept into the boys’ dorm and not Bai Xue Fen, Ren Wei says that it’s true, however Shan Feng saves the day. After the whole incident, Shan Feng sees Jia En crying and decides to take her for a ride to the sea.

Jia En : I always thought we were mates from the same castle, but it wasn’t until today that I realised I’ve always been standing on the outside of his(Ren Wei) castle.

Jia En and Shan Feng spend the night on the beach, were Shan Feng shows her the sunrise and also tries to comfort her at the same time telling her not to think/care about what other people say about her.

Shan Feng: Don’t you realize it; you’ve been trapping yourself inside someone else’s castle, caring about someone else’s every action, letting someone else to decide whether you should smile or cry. You aren’t free, because you have no castle that belongs to yourself. (….) if you keep trapping yourself in someone else’s castle of course you don’t know what you can do. But if you take a step out, I believe you’ll find your own path.

Returned home, Jia En finds Shan Feng’s pendant in her bag and goes to return it. Although people were gossiping when she entered the dorm, thanks to the advices she received from Shan Feng, now Jia En doesn’t care if people talk about her.

Shan Feng becomes Jia En’s tutor and because Jia En promised herself not to cling herself onto Wei Ren, however she unconsciously starts spending more and more time with Shan Feng.

The characters:

Jia En

Is the typical pumpkin girl who moves to Taipei. Because her only friend was Ren Wei, she always trust whatever he says and even decides to follow him and enroll into the same university he is studying at.

Ren Wei

A rich pumpkin who desires to move to Taipei to leave behind his small town life. He always spend time with Jia En but when she wants to go at the same university as him, Ren Wei changes the options from the university form, in the end Jia En isn’t accepted to any university. During his first year as an university student, Ren Wei tries to surpass Shan Feng and become the most popular guy in the university. He also has a one-side crush on –apparently- the most popular girl, Bai Xue Fen. While trying to surpass Shna Feng in popularity terms and his never ending ‘must-impress’ Xue Fen tricks, Ren Wei ends up hurting Jia En.

Shan Feng

The most popular guy in the University. Shan Feng seems a little cold on the outside, he is a nice guy who helps people around him – during a pouring rain, Shan Feng let Jia En into his room, although he could get expelled for hiding a girl into the boys’ dorm. He showed his pleasant (can I say pleasant? I mean it can works since hey~ this guy is a rarity in terms of ‘nice guys as main characters in dramas’ since most main guys are …. rude and filthy rich) – during the confession contest, when a chubby girl confesses to him, Shan Feng doesn’t bluntly rejects her but rather in a manner that she isn’t made fun of by the other people.


  1. Shanfeng’s nickname is Liu Chuan. ^__^ I rarely hear his real name being used in the drama. This is such a feel-good show; I hope more people start watching it!

    1. I noticed that they call him Liu Chuan rather than Shan Feng…but noticed it when I saw ep 3 lol I’ll re-edit the post ^o^

      Yes, indeed this drama is really good, I almost lost faith in TWdramas (considering this year’s twdramas) but now, from my point of view ‘In a good way’ is the best drama among the ones I’m currently watching XD

      1. I actually haven’t really noticed a drop in quality with this year’s TW-dramas. To me, it’s always been: You win some, you lose some (though usually the latter).

        But you’re right, In a Good Way is a winner, hands down! It’s the best out of everything I’m currently watching as well. 😀

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